Little Gems

Williams Bay Farmer’s Market has shut down for the summer!
The Farmer’s market at the corner of Highway 67 and Highway 50 has closed due to a county complaint about parking.  It seems that although the farmer’s market held at that busy corner (back in the barn located at the southwest corner) had a pretty big parking lot, the county complained that people were parking illegally and unsafely along the highway.  Was the parking along the highway unsafe enough to cause the closure of this new and well regarded Farmer’s Market?  That question will remain unanswered in the minds of the many people looking forward to shopping at that market.


Associated Bank. This very popular bank will be starting construction over the next ninety days on the Broad Street lot right next to where Kwik Trip is located.  Part of the popularity of this bank has been its small, but vitally responsive and neat branch located inside the Piggly Wiggly on the north end of town.  Will that flavor of friendly ‘can do’ attitude prevail once Associated is situated like any other bank with an independent building and employees who are sort of ‘nailed’ there, without the benefit of passing shoppers to keep them uplifted and participating in social discourse?  The answer is unknown at this time, as is the question about whether the bank will allow the Piggly Wiggly pocket branch to remain open once the main shop is operational.


They put up no parking signs where there already are no parking signs, all over town.  What the hell is this super efficient, neat and nice parking operation doing?  It seems that the regular no parking signs get ignored during busy holiday days and hours.  Special orange posters on a stick are put out to make sure that nobody can say that they didn’t see the sign, when they get the ticket that will be forthcoming in every case.

Free parking Lake Geneva

All over Lake Geneva orange “No Parking” signs have been placed in places that are already no parking areas. Stuttering gets more attention than simple clarity!


Starbucks.  Isn’t it wonderful, or isn’t it a shame, that a third Starbucks is trying to open in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  The developer is handing occupancy over to Starbucks by, or on August 1st, and then Starbucks has forty to sixty days to finish and open its store for business.  The general contractor for that job is GMX Real Estate, run by Andrew Goodman.  The third Starbucks, following in footsteps of the big regular coffee shop at the corner of Center Street and Main, and then the little place stuffed into the entry corner at Target, is going to be a drive through only, so it should not have quite the impact a full scale new coffee shop would have.  It is likely the new shop will do very well, given the popularity of Wal-Mart’s located in rural

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