Little Gems

The rumor mill rages on. Buffalo Wild Wings was coming to Lake Geneva.
That part of last week’s rumor turns out to be true (it’s rumored). But they are not coming to the parking lot of Wal-Mart. That part’s not true (it’s rumored). Instead, Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to the Red Geranium which they purchased because there were no liquor permits available for the Wal-Mart location, and they would have had to build from scratch. Now, it’s rumored that they picked up the liquor license held by the Red Geranium along with that restaurant’s most excellent location. Whether they will get the Red Geraniums old, and we mean old, clientele when they move in and open is quite another thing entirely. Will they want it?


Matthew David McConaugheyMatthew David McConaughey.
American actor. You might have heard of him. Well, if you haven’t then you might consider cluing yourself in. The real estate rumor mill has him purchasing a lot on the shore of Lake Geneva and getting ready to build a summer home. That place on the lake would be within the city confines of Lake Geneva itself. Maybe he could be convinced, like Clint Eastwood was in California, to accept a position in city government, although that prospect would be highly unlikely…
especially if Mr. McConaughey called Mr. Eastwood to see how much he liked his role as mayor of Carmel.


Dust abatement.Any construction project undertaken in Lake Geneva has to obey the dust abatement ordinance. Except (for some reason) the road project that’s being conducted subsequent to the sewers being laid on South Lake Shore Drive. The car washes around town must be suffering simply, because the dust is so bad along that stretch that it’s idiotic to have a car washed until the mess is paved over. And that should not be. Dust abatement is done using a water truck for sprinkling. But this construction crew (they must be related to Midnight Mutual Insurance somehow) does nothing except work away with bandanas on their heads. Are those being worn because of the dust or because they don’t want their faces to be seen? It’s awful. Traffic control is awful. The temporary fix to the road is awful. Talk about grooves and bumps, not to mention the dust.

Where is Ken Robers on this one? Come on Ken, get out there and get your vehicle dusty with the rest of the town.

A Large Local Gem

Place of the Week

White River Park Walworth County

Since July 2014 Walworth county has been working on it’s newest park the White River Park Located at the corner of Sheridan Springs Road and Short Road. Just look for the big Historical Dairy Barn. Both summer and winter activities are made possible at the park. There are two miles of white river frontage with a kayak launch, picnic tables, hiking trails, fishing, and cross country skiing. Great fun and lot’s to see and do for your summer enjoyment.

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