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Robbery at Walgreens.
Walgreens (at the corner of Highway 50 across from the Wal-Mart) in Lake Geneva was robbed at gunpoint on Memorial Day at around seven in the morning. A lone gunman came into the store, went to the drug counter and demanded prescription pain medication. He was given some bottles of opioids and he departed, leaving his image all over the video tapes feeding back from the outside and indoor cameras. Nobody was hurt other than it is never psychologically easy to be at the business end of a gun held by a person without too much sanity and obviously possessing very little intellect (and probably ‘adjusted’ a bit on drugs, as well). The young guy who performed the holdup was identified by police from the video data and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

What Riviera Park?
There was one, once. Not anymore. Riviera Park is the area right north of the base of Riviera Pier with the fountain set into the lower portion of it. This is the place where gatherings of large groups were held to celebrate the parades end, July 4th and Memorial Day. No more. The new outrage of extreme high profit landscaping put an end to that. Now there will be room for everything that lives; from trees to bushes, shrubs and flowers, but no room for human beings. Humans, as demonstrated by the celebration ceremonies being held for Memorial Day this year, will be held in Flat Iron Park where the Bunk Pavilion sits with its gravestone monument to the gravestone graced people who built it. There’s little room for humans in that park because there’s another pavilion, and more statues. Dead humans, or effigies of them, are welcome in Lake Geneva parks. Maybe it’s appropriate that Memorial Day is being celebrated that way, but the staff of the GSR doesn’t think so. What would it take to rent a Caterpillar D-8, plow all that crap out in front of the Riviera, and plant grass? That would be way too simplistic and pay no profits to any favored contractor however.

Memorial Day in the Park Lake Geneva

The collected crowd to celebrate Memorial Day was huge. This was just the beginning of the crowd that poured down Broad Street following the tail end of the Memorial Day Parade. It was a great crowd assembled at eleven in the morning. Maybe food and drink booths might spring up next year although space is so terribly difficult to find now.

Grandest Person in Our Place

Beth Tumas

Beth Tumas is the owner/operator
of The Bottle Shop on Main St. 400 wines from 20 countries. Weekend wine tasting, craft spirits, a open air patio and she even offers delivery! She is truly the hostess with the mostest!

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