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Times, they are a-changing.
Our judgments, opinions, sensibilities, and, finally, our actions, must change with them.  Yes, some of the property adjoining Lake Geneva’s alleys is private.  Where there has been space between buildings and lot lines some owners have put in parking slots.  Those slots directly adjoin alleys used for the delivery of food, the removal of grease holding tanks, and the emptying of trash containers for those other businesses needing those services.  The alleys are also very necessary conduits and channels for fire equipment and personnel in case of fire.  In the summer months, particularly on the weekends, it can be almost impossible to clear all the cars, clutter, and people from the streets, so the alleys serve as a great contact point for the fire department.

Those “private” parking slots that owners have thrown in over the years, adjoin the alley property and are a definite impediment to the functioning of those alleys.  They need to be taken out.  Yes, every last one, all of the alleys need to be repurposed and not allow the parking of cars except possibly at night, when almost all the businesses are closed.  Most weekends in the summer, those “private” slots are all occupied by friends and family of the property/business owners anyway.  Let’s make a move to begin some “business distancing,” for all of the city’s residents and visitors.

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