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Main Street a block west of the library has a pothole that has grown into a damaging cavern. That portion of Main Street has been plagued with potholes, and quick fixes have not been working very well. The length of Main Street, from the west end to the east end has extensive damage and crumbling at the very bottom layer of the road. This is a project the city street department is aware of and planned to tackle it one section at a time. The first section was done last year and each year over several years more are planned to be completed. This year may not be the year to complete a section as it could affect the already struggling businesses and the city is experiencing major budget shortfalls. So, what can be done? There is an immediate need to repair the areas of the road with extreme breakdown. The Lake Geneva Street Department members agree that quick fixes don’t last more than a couple of weeks. There has to be a better longer lasting fix to buy some time until that section, and others of Main Street can be completely redone. A road patch was done just last week and fingers are crossed it holds until a more substantial repair can be made. The plan commission discussed a proposal from Asphalt Inc. that would ensure just that. Approximately a 1600 square foot area between Warren and Maxwell on Main will see a temporary repair that could give this vehicle damaging section of road a longer-term fix.

Lake Geneva Boat Tours is one of the big draws for visitors to Lake Geneva.
The Gage family and Gage Marina are and have been a fixture of Geneva Lake for many years, and with the coronavirus and state shut down, neither has faltered. The reopening of the tours began slowly, following all health and safety guidelines. The very popular mail boat tour began on Monday, but first, the jumper try-outs had to take place, and now the mail boat tours can begin. Mail is delivered to homes around the lake by boat from June 15th through September 15th and has been for over a hundred years.

Lake Geneva Boat Tours is happy to bring back a family favorite “Ice Cream Social Boat Tour”. It is a tour of half the lake which includes a yummy ice cream sundae. For the entire month of June, kid tickets are only $1.00. On June 23rd Gage will also be celebrating and honoring the Graduates of 2020 with a special “senior tour.”



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