They are robbing people blind, including blind people!
The new brand of ‘right in your face’ crookery is taking the form of road workers, air conditioning service technicians, and painters.  They come directly to the front or back door of downtown residents living around the lake in all the communities.  They knock and are very quiet and respectful while indicating that they are on hand to take care of problems.  They allege that they were called to the residence, but never say who called them.  While the resident is engaged with the ‘technician’ at the front door, the man’s associates are sneaking in the back door to raid the place.  Do not let people in unless you have called them for service.  Make certain your back door is always locked.  If you are suspicious then call the police or the company of origin where the supposed serving agent was sent from.  The fake workers wore official-looking uniforms, so be very careful.  Google the number for the company, as phony numbers might be on the identity cards the thieves have manufactured.


The one and only CD3 Boat Cleaning Machine is starting its way around Geneva Lake.
This summer will be a great trial season with the shared boat cleaning machine and the spreading of awareness about the importance of cleaning boats for the health and longevity of the lake and the people who use it. The boat cleaning machine is part of an effort to help the lake thrive and continue to be the beautiful focal point it is and to continue to bring enjoyment for years to come.

The Starry Stone Wart was brought to Geneva Lake from another lake via a boat.  This invasive plant’s arrival demonstrates how most invasive species are spread from lake to lake. The Clean Boat Lake Campaign is underway, however, and the CD3 Cleaning Station is a big part of that campaign. The machine will be in Linn, Saturday, June 5th – 12th, Fontana Saturday, June 19th – June 26th, Williams Bay Saturday, July 3rd – July 10th, Lake Geneva Saturday, July 17th – 24th, and will then rotate through the list again. This could be the start of something great in a proactive effort to protect the pristine nature of Geneva Lake.

Person of the Week

Amanda Krause

Amanda Krause, the dedicated band teacher, and her students at Badger Middle School while leading the band at the Memorial Day Parade.


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