Little Gems

Why is there no lifeguard on duty, like there used to be, at BigFoot Beach?
Why is no sand brought in? Why is there no low fence along the roadside’s edge to protect beachgoers? Why is the swimming area so ridiculously small? Why do there seem to be no rules at all for the boaters that flock to the entire stretch and seem to do what they please, when they please? Why has the City of Lake Geneva, the owner of that stretch of land, abdicated its authority and responsibility for that property? Is the city going to be sued for negligence in providing absolutely nothing for swimmers on the city beach at BigFoot, while being overloaded with lifeguards at the city beach downtown where the financial return is huge?

Sunday at BigFoot Beach


The ugly road, otherwise known as Main Street in downtown Lake Geneva.
The city of Lake Geneva, its’ leadership, its’ committees and commissions and different departments have at least one thing in common; they don’t seem to give a tinker’s damn about how the city looks. They try to make sure it’s acceptable or adequate. They have about as much comprehension of good taste and ambiance as those people who put model wishing wells in their front yards. The heart and soul of commerce and social structure in Lake Geneva come from the warmth and small-town charm the city can bring to bear in attracting tourists, and also in making the people who live in the community feel good and worthy. Appearance is such a huge part of that. Stand almost anywhere on downtown Lake Geneva’s Main Street and look at the patchwork mess the street workers and contractors created when they did their underground utility work, and also the street repair following that work. The street looks like hell. Something out of a bad Bronson or Eastwood movie. Why is that? It would cost so little, comparatively, to reseal the street. But that won’t be done if the bad scene is not visible to blind people who cannot see or t tasteless people who just can’t understand. Maybe it’s that those people leading the city are simply too busy to go out and actually view the city streets. That must be it.

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