On The Bright Side

Dan Pitt,  Highway superintendent for the Town of Linn, and also an assistant fire chief for the department in that same town.
Dan is a character and quite a fiery great guy. There’s no lack of personality or opinion to his application of life force, as he proceeds to perform in both roles with the town. Lately, he’s come under considerable scrutiny and criticism because he failed to properly place a sign up on a property, a sign that had to be posted on for legal purposes. The Geneva Shore Report was instrumental in reporting about that incident, although nobody at the newspaper offices or in the field had a glimmer of an idea that that action might cost Dan his jobs. There is a confidential top secret meeting in Town of Linn on Wednesday night, too late for this edition to include results from. Dan has hired an attorney to represent him at this hearing. What is going to happen is currently unknown but the GSR is backing Dan as powerfully as it can. Dan is a good guy who made a mistake. Hopefully, the Town of Linn leadership will not decide to do without him at the expense of who live in the area. Jim Weiss is a good guy himself and everyone in Linn has to count on him to do the right thing.


Fishing report with Doug Ide.
With the recent change in weather the lake, water temperatures are reaching the low seventies. With the warmer water temperatures in the lake:

  • The Pike have started to descend into the deeper water. The best way to catch them now is with a jig or sucker fish.
  • Smallmouth Bass are being caught anywhere between 12 and 20′ of water depth. The favorite presentation has been a drop shot.
  • Largemouth Bass, post spawn, are becoming very active in shallow water. Use spinners and dinger worms.
  • Muskies and Walleyes have been sporadic. Walleyes are running at night with no consistency. Muskies are shallow in the early morning and adverse weather conditions make for better bites.
  • Bluegills and Pumpkin Seeds are shallow and being caught on live bait.
  • Crappies have been suspended over standing weeds in 12’ of the 14′ of water.

Cleanup from Storm on Monday

Storm cleanup Lake Geneva

Walworth County Highway Department is cleaning up debris after last nights rain fall and storms.

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