Once upon a time in humanity’s history for many thousands of years the worst punishment a tribal member could suffer was that of being outcast from the tribe. The invention of penitentiaries, jails and the death penalty came along to replace tribal expulsion, but the punishment hasn’t gone away. The “Story of Del” continues to reverberate quietly, out of hearing and out of view for most Lake Geneva residents. Del and her children (one former teacher and one former social worker) and grandkids run the candy shop located right near the end of the building just before Bill Gage’s private marina for public boating. Dennis “The Meanness” Jordan, now Police Commissioner  “Pokey” Jordan, had everything to do with having Del banned from going out on the pier.

It seems that the faithless and feckless former city administrator felt that Del was guilty of saying uncomplimentary things about her neighboring (and competing) shop owners. The ‘Jordanian’ solution to the ill will out there was to ban Del by silently threatening to end her very long string of lease renewals on the candy shop property. Dennis is gone. Sorry, Dennis is still alive and kicking of course, as he’s been given a position by Lake Geneva’s Gumby Mayor Jim Connors to go after the Lake Geneva Police Department in order to minimize being the target of a Wisconsin District Attorney criminal investigation of his conduct as a city administrator.

Whatever crookery is going on there is incidental to the banning of Del from the Pier. Utah Blaine, Lake Geneva’s new gunfighter replacing the Jordanian, should overturn the ban and let her return to the candy store, again to radiate out waves of sweetness and comfort to almost everyone.

Dels Kandy Cove Lake Geneva

Del’s Candy Cove. Go in there and get the popcorn with butter flavored salt. No extra calories. About 40 calories a bag. If you are on a diet, quickly get out of the place at that point. Del has candy from the old days, fudge made the day before and a team of women who are a delight to talk to about almost anything. Go in there and you will see. Hopefully, Del, who started the whole thing years ago will be allowed back by a more enlightened leadership.


Check out the Riviera Pier while you are at it. Yes, the thing needs to be rebuilt and redone so it can take more advantage of overlooking the new Pavilion to Nowhere. On a clear day a rebuilt Riviera structure might be able to gain a view of the Frisbee Golf Course dedicated to pony tails, long gowns and the highly complimented (by the Lake Geneva Mayor and the local Regional News) Vape Shop. The skate board park, dedicated to ‘thrashers’ on their skate boards (supposedly being kept occupied from other more questionable pursuits) would remain out of view but ever on any rational citizen’s mind. When is the money coming in going to count for meaningful things that actually cause the Lake Geneva experience to be fortified and grown? Bocce ball and tennis courts abound while the very importantly placed Lake Geneva Theater of Disrepute is passed over with hundreds of thousands of dollars to a former alderman who was there and bellied up to a trough only he knew about?
What is that?
Why is that?

Another Tidbit

Park Benches with No Backs Lake Geneva

The park benches down near the Dreihaus Fountain near the Riviera Pier do not have backs. This out of town kid learned the hard way. He was rescued by his brother and there was no real damage done. Of course, he will remain unaware he made “on the cover of the Rolling Stone.”


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