What, exactly, is to be expected of a local police department when it comes to attempting to deal with irrational behavior on the part of Lake Geneva rule makers? What are the police officers in the Lake Geneva Police Department supposed to do about busses and long limos? When Lake Geneva’s city council and Gumby-Mayor line up to remove most of the places for busses and limos to park and discharge or load passengers then what are the cops supposed to do?

The busses and limos are not going away. They become forced to double park or park at yellow curbs. The police are then expected to look the other way or cite them. What decent seasoned police officer wants to cite those busses and limos?

Probably none. And so the city lays a fundamentally flawed integrity crack right into the legal foundations for parking in Lake Geneva.

It’s not fair and it’s not nice. It’s also unsafe. When some citizen, whether resident or visitor is involved in a crash involving one of these illegally parked busses or limos then who are they supposed to turn to for compensation? They should turn right toward going after the city leaders for the deliberate application of studied ignorance.

Notes on the Featured Photo And the parking humor gets better. This slot Pictured above,measures ten feet from the dashed line to the curb. The shortest cars sold in America (the Yaris and the Mini) are both just a little bit shorter than 14 feet. By the way, it’s perfectly legal to park any vehicle in a spot that has a sign indicating that the stall if only for compact vehicles. Once again, due to dumbo parking planning and the lack of a decent parking ordinance, the city is liable if anyone wants to pursue it after being hit. This particular spot is one of the new ones on Geneva Street.

Parking in Lake Geneva has gone totally out of all rational control.

City councils create parking problems globally

The disease of Council greed is Global:
Dateline London, …..Councils should show where they are spending revenues from parking charges, according to the RAC motoring group.Four people in five surveyed by the motoring group said parking charges had increased in towns and cities. But two thirds of 1,525 people surveyed thought there had been a reduction in available parking near the centre of their town or city, the research found….
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What’s next? Painted stall lines applied to building walls? The City of Lake Geneva leadership is applying the same logic to putting in new paid parking spaces as the airlines did in charging for checked baggage. The airlines did it because they forged themselves into a monopoly and then used that power to treat the public like a bunch of high paying lab rats. The effect on the Lake Geneva public, when it comes to the visitors and residents of Lake Geneva being that public, will likely be the same as the airlines are experiencing. The public will pay because it has to but it wall hate the nasty people forcing them to do something so obviously flawed and downright rotten. Nobody goes to airports anymore to watch airplanes take off and land. Nobody goes to airlines anymore and enjoys meeting airline personnel representatives.

Will anyone come to Lake Geneva anymore?


Parking Fiasco Lake Geneva

Take a look for yourself from the driver’s seat. This shot was made on the fly yesterday. The vehicle being driven had to cross the double yellow line to get around the van sticking out of the parking stall that’s been put in too short for safety or good sense. Think of one of those extended cab pickup trucks quite legally parked in one of those new Center Street stalls. The liability for the coming accidents belongs squarely on the shoulders of the City of Lake Geneva Parking Department.



The old parking places in Lake Geneva were fine with their old fashioned coin operated metering system. The new Luke II system is lousy for the public. The new parking stalls added lately are dangerous and lousy for the public. The whole Lake Geneva experience is being eroded away much faster than the BigFoot South Lake Shore “Paradise” Drive, and even less is being done about that experience when it comes to accommodating automobiles, huge trucks, busses and automobiles.

There is a parking commission, city council, mayor, and parking guru in Lake Geneva, all staffed by supposed intelligent human beings running the show.
Where is the awareness?
Where is the intellect?
Why are capable leaders not checking in?
Certainly the City of Lake Geneva needs funding, but why is the Lake Geneva experience becoming like the experience everyone gets at airports around the country? Why not take the TIF money, the money going to the weirdly NSA-style Lake Geneva AREA Chamber of Commerce? Why can’t any new tax revenues collected by qualifying Lake Geneva as a resort not be thrown into the general fund instead of into Dan “Clark Gable Without Moustache” Winkler’s Bocce Ball fund that isn’t reportable or accountable to anyone?
At some point the public of Lake Geneva is going to throw the town’s leadership right out of office for being what it is: expensive and annoying.

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