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The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee met with a full agenda last Tuesday night.
There was some discussion about experimenting with the Viply beach app this season because the app is not able to communicate with the beach kiosks. There is no way to limit the number of people on the beach and have an accurate count. The committee was not comfortable with testing the system this summer. Its been placed on hold until next year. The committee will discuss it further at the next meeting. The idea of giving residents beach passes for free was also suggested, but that would not be possible for this season. The committee is considering it for next year. The city clerk went into great detail about the different types of liquor licenses, the fees, and what they are for. She also explained how many there are, how many are taken, and how many are available. It was mentioned that the city can purchase a reserve liquor license from a surrounding community but that can get expensive. Another local community did this and passed the fee on to the business to recover the cost. The committee did not make any decisions on the process of applying for a liquor license or approving them but did continue the discussion to the next Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee meeting.


Northsider’s continues to be a controversial subject in Lake Geneva.
Its liquor license is up for renewal and the owners put in some effort to be open this past weekend. This was the first sign of movement in who knows how long and many allege the place has not been open consistently and has violated the requirements to hold a liquor license. The city and the citizens have been concerned about Northsider’s for quite some time and would like to see a thriving business using that liquor license. Before the pandemic, the city council scheduled a hearing to discuss the liquor license and current situation with Northsider’s and to discuss what could be done. That time has passed and earlier this month the chief of police and Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee denied the renewal of its license. Monday night the city council had a hearing on approving the renewal of Northsider’s liquor license. The evidence presented, such as a $0 water bill for 120 days, no police contact for 3 years and a citizen complaint that the building sat unoccupied for months seemed persuasive to deny the renewal, but some city council members could not accept that they were closed for the 90 days so they voted to renew its liquor license.


COVID-19 testing was held at the Walworth County Fairgrounds earlier this week. The line was long, with a two-hour wait the first day. The National Guard was there to administer the tests and to keep things moving as quickly as possible. They opened the third lane for testing because of the large crowd that arrived to be tested. The test is free and open to anyone that thinks they could benefit from being tested. As of Monday night, Walworth County had 506 cases; of those, 437 have recovered, 3 are currently hospitalized (the county is not reporting where they are hospitalized for confidentiality reasons), 48 are currently positive and quarantined at their places of residence, 18 have passed away and 6,850 have tested negative. Time will tell what will happen in the next couple weeks, but cases have not increased significantly since Wisconsin has reopened and hopefully, the trend will stay that way.  Once again the CDC, State, and County all continue to encourage the wearing of face masks and social distancing to slow the spread.

COVID19 Testing at Walworth County Fairgrounds

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