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Popeye’s Restaurant, on Wrigley Drive, in downtown Lake Geneva, shuts down because a member of the staff tested positive for Covid19.
Dimitri Anagnos, the current owner, and manager of the restaurant (along with his mother) took the wise and prudent course of action last Friday, to close Popeye’s until the end of June, in order to assure that no vestige of the virus exists in his facility and that the infection has not spread to any of his employees. These have been tough times for restaurants to make it, and it takes a lot of guts (and staying power) to get out in front of this kind of issue and make sure the general public, as well as the staff, are not placed in danger. Nice work Dimitri Anagnos.


The Riviera Beach revenue is up.
Parking revenue is rising. Beach kiosks have increased from three to four. Beach capacity is up. Parking is more often than not close to full. Beach staff is down but responsibility has increased. Beach rates and parking rates are up as well. With the shortfalls in the 2020 budget, the city is trying to make up for lost revenue. The previous administration left the current city officials struggling to keep up with the newly acquired bills due to improvements and projects approved prior to Covid19. The virus caused almost all incoming monies to come to a screeching halt with the statewide shutdown, which has only recently been lifted.


Lake Geneva City Meetings are still being held virtually.
This has been a complaint of some residents and former alderman Bob Kordus, who took the initiative to file a lawsuit. District Attorney Zeke Wiedenfeld reviewed the complaint and investigated the situation in Lake Geneva, and the procedure of the city meetings. Wiedenfeld concluded that the city was, and is, following the state guidelines and is not prohibiting the public from engaging with city issues. The plan at city hall is to reopen to the public and hold public meetings at the City Hall in person by the end of June or beginning of July. The GSR is waiting for a call back from Lake Geneva’s city administrator on any recent decisions or confirmed plans for reopening city hall and holding meetings in council chambers again.


Drowning in Geneva Lake.
Sunday evening was a busy day in Lake Geneva, and busy with a lot of people in the water near the beach. At approximately six-forty p.m. the Geneva Lake Police and Lake Geneva Police Departments responded to a call of a missing person on Geneva Lake. A witness stated that he and the victim swam to shore from a buoyed Bayliner they were on at approximately four-thirty p.m. When the witness reached the shore and did not see his associate he proceeded to look in the water and on the beach with no success and then checked at a couple of drinking establishments, thinking his friend had ventured to one of them.  He didn’t find him, so he swam back to the boat. The call for help was finally made, and a rescue mission quickly turned into a recovery mission. Several different departments assisted in the call. The dive team was on the scene and the body was located with the help of a drone. The victim was recovered around eight-thirty p.m. and brought to the West End Pier for transport by EMS at approximately nine-thirty p.m. The victim has been identified as Kostyantyn Matushevskiy, a thirty-five-year-old male from Wheeling Il. The investigation is ongoing.

Lake Tragedy


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