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Oppressive enforcement is back on Highway 50.
Years ago, this highway was transformed from a two-lane country road to a modern four-lane highway. The highway itself changed life in Lake Geneva, making the place much more convenient to get to. The highway looks like an expressway, but it has limited access traffic lights and uncontrolled entry points. So, they put the speed limit at fifty-five miles per hour, which created a godsend for all the local police departments adjoining the highway. They began writing tons of speeding tickets. That lasted a few years until everyone caught on and stopped speeding. That lasted a few more years, with the departments retiring back to their abodes, like Puff the Magic Dragon to his cave.

Now they are back, the public has forgotten about the enforcement of old. Check it out. Every time you drive the Kenosha to Lake Geneva twenty-five miles you’ll see cars pulled over. Don’t be one of them. And oh, try to ignore the giant ugly power lines now lining the highway. The giant brown metal ‘Praying Mantis’ looking things resemble stuff from the Hollywood set of Game of Thrones.


A man passed away last Saturday down on his private pier not far from the city pier.
The response of the police was nearly instant, following a call from a woman indicating that her two children had come upon a man floating face down near a downtown pier. The police got the man out but it was too late. They performed CPR and the fire department was right on the scene to do what they could only seconds later. Maybe the most extraordinary thing about the tragic event was the fact that the Lake Geneva Police Chief was right there too. That would be most extraordinary for most small-town police chiefs but not for Mike Rasmussen, about the best chief in the whole US of A. The 69-year-old man who died evidently fell on the pier, struck his head (There was a large laceration) and then slipped into the water without anyone seeing him. A truly tragic event for the man and his family. Their home is located not far from the pier.

Wild Animals Lurking in Lake Geneva

Bentley the Cat

Bentley. Giant domestic cat waiting to play, pounce and eat nearby friends…


Tom Earle, and the guys and gals of the Lake Geneva Street Department. Sorry
We got it wrong. We take it back. We apologize. The staff of the GSR somehow came to believe that the street department workers do not work on weekends or holidays. They do work those times and they do one hell of a job making Lake Geneva actually look like the greatest small town adventure city in the USA. The department is seeking some part-time help to assist them on weekends and holidays, simply because it is too much to ask the employees to work seven days a week, no matter what the job. Tom Earle and his team are terrific in so many ways and the GSR got that all wrong.


The Business of the Week

Candle Mercantile Lake Geneva

Beth & Leigh Ann of the Candle Mercantile bring a breath of fresh air to Lake Geneva on the corner of Main and Cook St., with their customized candles, body and room sprays. It’s a unique experience!


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