I had heard of a youth who passed out in the Knockerball. It’s like a chimney inside those things.

I searched “Is Knockerball dangerous?” on the Internet. And got a lot plus injuries, plus lawsuits, plus someone was awarded $45 million not to mention brain and spinal cord injuries.

Ruth, the Kite Lady, Lake Geneva Resident and outspoken small voice




We are all made of many parts (feelings, thoughts, emotions, senses, etc. that are all housed within a body); however, each combination is uniquely assembled within us. Some people have strong parts; some have weak parts; some are missing parts, some have extra parts and some have parts that have been damaged. The unique set of parts that each of us has is a combination of those that we were born with, those that we were programmed with (by parents, teachers, culture, etc.), those inflicted on us, and those that we have found. Of all the parts that we may find, those who figure out what they are in life usually discover that they have found a true gem, but they found themselves among a composite of conflicting parts.

Despite the turmoil of trying to figure this out, the problems and confusion and more, life is truly wonderful when we first realize what we are. But this is only the first spark of life and along with this tremendous gift comes the awesome responsibility for our life. Our starting points and obstacles may vary, but the path is the same for there is only one way for the spark of life to live and to continue to grow, and that is to give and find love for life only lives where it can find and share the love. I was asked a simple question.

Who are you? My answer is as follows: I am the little something that sits behind my eyes and thinks, wonders, loves and cries.

At this moment I am reading that which is before my eyes and I am happy to know I am. When I look into a mirror I am not the reflection that I see, for I am that which sees my reflection and knows that I am seeing a reflection of the body my “I am” is in. I don’t know how to make it clearer than this: that “I am” our awareness and description of the life within us, is in everyone and that makes us all equal, alive and part of life and that “I am” is the part of us that was made in the image of God. Do the best that you can to make your “I am” the best person that you can be, for that is your reflection of God.

Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident and former Alderperson

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