Little Gems

God willing and the creek don’t rise.
That phrase actually came out of the old south during the Indian wars. God willing and the Creek Indians don’t rise. This time the phrase deals with hope and reality.  The little bitty Samuel Donian Nature Preserve (that little body of water just below Geneva Lake’s dam and often referred to as Mill Creek) is high.  Very high.  Not on legal Marijuana, because that stuff isn’t legal in Wisconsin.  The White River, just below the preserve, is also very high.  In fact, Echo Lake, downriver from the White also has been in flood. Why is this important? For viewing purposes. So, go over there and stand on Center Street and look down. The creek is beautiful in its fullness.

How high is the water, Momma?

Wizard of Oz Gala.
The Geneva Theater is going all out with a 90th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Gala on Thursday, June 28th, at 7 p.m. This event will include a screening of The Wizard of Oz, champagne, desserts, great interactive displays and delightful photo ops. Of course, this kind of event does not come cheap. The cost is $30 a person or $50 per couple. If this is too extravagant for your pocketbook, on Saturday, June 30th, at 10 a.m., they will be offering a free screening of the film for the whole family to enjoy!


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