Little Gems

They take 333 Center Street apart for redevelopment and history unfolds.
Terence Pisano, the owner of Loosen Up (massage) above Jaynes on the corner of Broad and Main, pulled the walls apart in the old building to discover old musical scores (from the 19th century!), stamps, stock certificates, uniforms and much, much, more. The business of redeveloping the building has taken a back seat to analyzing the collection for its worth. There’s no estimate on just what that worth might be, but it is always gratifying to hear about “treasure” stories that just seem to crop up out of nowhere. Two guys that own a place in Town of Linn went looking in their backyard last week for a lost ring. They didn’t find the ring but they found an 1850 penny worth almost a thousand dollars! Needless to say, like Terry analyzing his new collection, the two guys are now out in their yard with metal detectors day and night.

333 Center Street

Top Notch View

View from Oakfire Lake Geneva

The view from the upper deck of Oakfire, now that it is open and filled with
visiting tourists. The deck overlooks the Lake Geneva Beach and the Riviera Pier like no other restaurant
in Lake Geneva along the lake.

Mason the dog has been found!
A door was apparently left open and the dog got out on the morning of June 21st and has not been recovered although reports of sightings have been many. Phil Christopherson is the dog’s owner and he is quite bereft at the loss of his best friend. Mason was found by its owner on Monday afternoon and has been returned safely home. The dog lost four pounds and its owner more. The Geneva Shore Report was proud to provide some assistance in the search. The article written and placed on the GSR Facebook page received over 63,000 views and over 1000 shares. The dog was spotted numerous times and reported but it took a bit of time for the owner to place exactly where it was and then get hold of it. Everyone is happy!

Mason is Home

Associated Bank is not coming…it’s already here. Associated Bank is approved to break ground on the property next to Kwik-Trip. They are not opening a new bank. They are moving from the little cubbyhole desk counter, located in the Piggly Wiggly food store, into a facility that meets the needs of their growing customer base in the area. The plans for construction include a great looking structure that will, by default, improve the appearance of Kwik-Trip and the other businesses on Broad Street in that neighborhood.

Location of New Associated Bank


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