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The great flowers escapade that went down on the 19th of June.
Unknown vandals swept up and down Main Street in the dark of night, and pulled up the flowers that had been carefully and expensively planted along both sides of the street to beautify the area in the summer months. This kind of vandalism will not be possible (without identification of the perpetrators) in the future, with the coming installation of video surveillance cameras being installed later in the season. The most unusual and interesting part of the vandalism was what the vandals did with the flowers. They put them in the blue U.S. Mail boxes at both ends of the street.   Rachel, one of the postal workers, found the flowers when she opened the boxes and initially thought that she might have a new secret admirer. Alas, after counseling with other employees at the Lake Geneva Post Office, she was informed that flowers were not that uncommon. Wallets, knives, guns, purses, keys, dead animals and even tools and garbage have been found in those mail boxes. Whom would have thought that opening a mail box might be an experience to be approached with some trepidation?

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Micah Roberts Lake Geneva Farmers Market

If you were wondering why everyone is lining up at the Roberts Nursery and Landscaping table at the farmers market it may be because Micah Roberts is as fresh faced, bright, and as magnetic as the flowers and produce he sells. It is obvious Micah holds great compassion for the family business and offers great service to others. What a wonderful booth and person.


The BigFoot Triathlon, sponsored by myTeam Triumph, went down last Saturday without a hitch.
This same wonderful group of people, who had become embroiled in the controversy about the Geneva Lake Shore Path, put on a very successful triathlon. Preparations included closing South Shore Drive, having police and fire protection, and conducting the whole affair with a well-oiled precision and calmness. The participants had a wonderful time, and circulating amongst the participants at the BigFoot headquarters was a lot of fun because of their positive attitudes.

myTeam Triumph Triathlon


Popeyes Lake Geneva

Popeye’s Restaurant has its parking lot makeover, with new asphalt and
a special coating. Rumors of the parking lot’s sale have abated and now appear dead.


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