The Brewery on the corner of Geneva and Broad Street is getting ready to open.
The plan is to have outdoor seating available by the end of June and indoor seating by August. The old Baptist church that is now home to the Brewery is a beautiful historic building, but it needed a lot of work. The new owners have taken the time to make sure the work has been done right and have attempted to keep some of the historic beauty, like the aesthetically pleasing stain glass windows.  Some unexpected construction issues and the appearance of the coronavirus and its effects slowed the project down. The grand outdoor deck and pergola will seat anywhere from thirty to sixty people outdoors. The indoor space will hold even more, with a room available for private events. The brewing equipment is in place on the lower level and that is where all the specials brews will be created.


Who’s in charge of the Riviera?
The Riviera project is well underway and the discussions, decisions, and issues, have all been handled by the piers, harbor, and lakefront committee. Recently, City Administrator David Nord has made the public and committee members aware of an issue regarding what committee has the legal authority to propose renovations on the iconic Riviera Complex. Why has this issue now been uncovered? Who dug deep to find a loophole to change the outcome of the Riviera project? The current city code reads “Public Works Committee”. The Public Works Committee shall be responsible for activities taking place on public property, rights-of-way, and easements, and including the following:

[Amended 12-27-2016 by Ord. No. 16-21] a.   Planning for maintenance, repairs, and remodeling of all city-owned facilities except those facilities under the control of the utility commission and the piers and harbors committee. Piers harbors & lakefront committee’s authority is outlined as follows: Piers, Harbors, and Lakefront Committee; the committee shall consider the following and shall have the duty to recommend action there as to the city council: d. New construction and maintenance of beach piers, buoys, dinghy pads, and boat launches. The entirety of the applicable code can be found within Sec. 2-49, Standing committees. [Code 1992, § 2.12; Ord. No. 08-02, 3-10-2008]

With this information being brought to the Lake Geneva City Officials the Riviera building will not be discussed at the piers, harbor, and lakefront meeting (which is the committee that has handled it from start) but at the public works commission meetings instead. Some may feel there is an agenda behind the sudden switch of authority. The city administration plans to correct this error and address the city council to amend the code, but for now, the public works will have the Riviera on its agenda.  Declaring the Riviera Pier Complex to not be a pier at all is a rather tough one to swallow when the whole thing is built on pilings.

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Geneva Shore report


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