Emagine Geneva Lakes.
It’s now open and Lake Geneva’s theater is the first theater in the chain to open.  Emagine used the downtime during the closure to do some intense cleaning and maintenance around the building.  Social distancing stickers have been placed to help guide patrons where to stand and directional signage when in line to purchase food and drink items. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the building and groups will be seated two seats apart on either side to allow for social distancing. Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets online or in the app to provide contactless ticketing. Now through July, the theatre will be showing family favorites, and all tickets are $5. In July, new releases will start coming out and will be incorporated into the schedule. Emagine is excited to be open and welcomes you back.

Emagine Theater Opening


Oh no, not the Walworth Fair too!
Many local summer activities have been canceled but the community also has a lot to look forward to. National Night Out held at the Walworth County Fairgrounds has been canceled along with Music by the Lake held at George Williams College in Williams Bay. The State Fair was also canceled and was a favorite summer event for many.  Fortunately, the Walworth County Fairgrounds is still hosting many fun activities this summer, starting with their Pork Chop Cookout on June 24th, which will be drive-thru only. Ribfest, the fastest growing event at the fairgrounds, has been moved to August 13th through the 16th, with plans to host all the normal activities including the BBQ stands, artisan market, live music, and many other surprises. The Walworth County Fair is also scheduled to go on September 2nd to the 7th with the possibility of some changes to help bring in extra income for what was lost during the pandemic.

All lifetime pass holders have the opportunity to vote on whether to allow beer to be sold this season. The fairground has missed a lot of big events over the past few months that drew in thousands of people and this is one way of bringing in more money. Another favorite activity is the Lake Geneva Ghost Walks which has started tours again and is following all safety guidelines. This event draws people in from all over Wisconsin and the surrounding states and it’s great to see businesses flourishing again.


Inspired Coffee is getting very close to completion and can’t wait to announce an official opening date.
The manager, Jessie Bongiorno, has been working closely with the employees to guide them through the online training and precautions necessary with the pandemic. Last week they started one-on-one in-person training and the enthusiasm of the employees was very evident. The employees are acquiring life skills that can be used out in the workforce and also giving back to the community, which makes this coffee shop very special and unique. The GSR will be the first to announce the open date and to get a sneak peek at the inside so stay tuned for more information on how to support this great cause.

Opening Soon

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