The monthly scam.
You might have read about some of the political skullduggeries that have gone on in that arena of fundraising.  There is scamming that is taking place because of little-known banking laws.  A bank can initiate a monthly withdrawal from a customer’s account with the most questionable information (like the entity wanting to have the money paid to it stating that it has your permission to do so).  Be so incredibly careful with these monthly engagements, as that banking law does not allow either you or the bank to stop the withdrawals without closing the account they are being taken from.  That is right, only the entity that initiated the withdrawals is allowed to stop them…and most will not or will make it all but possible to even reach anyone or any tool online to do so.  That includes all these white pages and yellow pages operations, political donations, charitable donations, premium television payments, and almost all other monthly withdrawal programs you have come to take for granted.

Fully thirty-five percent of the public with bank accounts has automatic payments coming out of their accounts that they do not even know about. Electronic banking has made it extremely time-consuming and difficult to handle identifying and then tracking seemingly small amounts from bank accounts online.  This form of scamming, often done by entities as supposedly reputable as AT&T or HBO and more, is supported by a banking system that gets a share of the loot by doing it.  If you have trouble believing this article, then go to your own bank where you have any kind of monthly withdrawal coming out of your account, and try to stop it.  You will be angry, sad, and wondering what the hell’s going on in our financial world.  If you get strident in your demand to stop this kind of lying, cheating garbage, do so with care, or the bank you have been so loyal to may throw you out or even call the authorities on the customer!


The public works committee met and considered a ‘media pass’ for free parking.
What a shock!  The GSR get a parking pass?  Any pass at all?  Well, reality sunk in at the meeting.  Seth (the new parking czar) put the item on the overly large public works agenda at the behest of Visit Lake Geneva.  Steffanie Klect went to the meeting to pitch the idea.  Turns out, from her presentation, that the plan was really to provide free parking passes to visiting food and hotel writers, so they could skip from restaurant to restaurant or hotel to hotel without being inconvenienced about finding a parking space.  Regular media was excluded from the request.  Alderperson Hedlund, the funny and bright man that he is, commented about how one would go about defining the media.  Stef shot back that she only dealt with ‘vetted’ media outlets.  Alderperson Halverson, the former managing editor of the Regional News, indicated that in all his years as a member of the media he had never received any free parking anywhere.  That was it.  Stef sat down, murmuring about how things just had not worked out.  The measure failed.

Person of the Week

Tyler Dempsey, Holistic Connection, Lake Geneva

Tyler Dempsey has turned his passion for leading a healthy life into a wonderful business. Tyler opened the Holistic Connection Dispensary offering the public some CBD products and more. Check it out downtown Lake Geneva on Broad Street.

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