The governor (Governor Evers, to be exact) stopped by in Lake Geneva, visiting and giving a speech at Harbor Shores.
That even took place with little warning or notice, as the GSR was not informed or invited, which was a shame.  Lake Geneva’s wonderful mayor, Charlene Klein, did not get to speak, nor even introduce the governor.  That was a shame too, as well as the failure of anyone there to note that the Riviera, especially since its renovation, is one of the brilliantly attractive and key settings around the lake.  A Milwaukee television station covered the visit but nobody local knew, or even knows, that the governor of Wisconsin came and went in a heated rush.


A short series on the ‘little pesky things’ you don’t have time to find out about on your own. 
Do you know what the little holes at the end of the prongs on electrical plugs are there for?  Because they slip into little holders to help the plug stay in, and they also are made to have a small padlock inserted through them to keep devices from being plugged in by small children.

Did you know that you should frequently turn a steak on a grill and not do it just once, as mythology instructs?  Yes, the steak holds more moisture and flavor the more times you turn it.  Chefs at restaurants turn fire-grilled steaks once to get those famous grill lines across the steak’s surface.  Salt the meat before grilling.  It will hold in the flavor and keep moisture from leaking out while the steak is cooking.

The instant glue/baking soda reaction.  If you have an exposed area where you want to use instant glue and want it to set instantly, then sprinkle some common backing soda on it, and there you go.  Do not know why.  Works like a charm.

Do not leave a long message on your phone for people who ring through to the message machine. It will make you appear old.  Young people either leave no message (they call back using caller I.D. if they feel like it) or leave something like ‘not here, call you back,’ kind of stuff.  Get younger and get with it.

What works better on your windows than any of the window cleaning solutions (like Windex) and costs you nothing, if you get the newspaper?  Yes, newspaper print works better, and you do not need paper towels either.  Just dampen or wet and start rubbing away.  No streaks.  Save’s the environment a tiny bit too. 

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Emagine Theater Lake Geneva

Emagine Theater is now open 100%. Concessions and all.

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