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Roundabouts are like bridges. People seem to not want them built nearby, but after they are built life is so improved by their construction that everyone celebrates, albeit quietly. Roundabouts, built to replace stop sign and stop light intersections, have been a resounding success over the years. They were invented in 1930, but have only recently come into their own across the land. Here are some statistics from last year in America, where roundabouts replaced those other means of controlling traffic at intersections:

35% overall decrease in crashes

76% decrease in injury crashes

81% decrease in fatal/incapacitating crashes for single lane urban roundabouts

71% decrease in fatal/incapacitating crashes for single lane rural roundabouts.

Two roundabouts are going in near where Highway 12 goes under Highway 120. Get ready for more convenience and more safety.



City Council in Lake Geneva takes a shot at these new vacation rentals
Discussion/action was held on resolution 18-R37, amending the schedules of fees to provide for an administrative fee for the tourist rooming house/short-term rentals annual city license in the amount of $2,000. Motion by Howell to approve, second by Hedlund. Howell noted that this amount is an estimate to help cover the expenses associated with city services cost. He added that this amount can be changed at any time to reflect the actual costs for city staff time. Mayor Hartz noted that his concern with this is the loss of residential housing, more specifically the loss of students and state school funding in the city. The motion carried 8-0.

Person of the Week

Wendy Church Piggly Wiggly

Wendy Church, the lovely lady at the Local Piggly Wiggly. Her job title is cashier and customer service, but she is so much more than that. They are lucky to have her and so are we. We all love Wendy and you just have to, as well.


Emagine Theatre, formerly known as the old Showboat Theater, is making significant progress in coming back.
The theatre is located on Highway 120, just east of Highway 12. Currently, it’s all torn up and in complete disarray. The Emagine Theatre company is in the midst of a complete renovation. The remodel will include brand new everything. There will be eight theatre rooms which will include all new seats, and not just any seats either. The new expensively padded things will all fully recline with a touch of a button. The plan is to finish the job in July of 2018 and open in early August.

Emagine Theatre


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