Little Gems

The coming Town of Linn election.   Chris Jones and her minions are laying in the analogous woods awaiting the coming election to be held in early April.  Chuck Roen is the minion Chris has encouraged or put forth to take over as city clerk, should he beat the most capable Alyson Morris in the election.  Chris herself is running against the most excellent Maureen Zimmerman, who has already served to some distinction on the plan commission.  Chris has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Linn, while she’s currently holding office as a member of the board because she does not have enough authority over employees of the city.  Shiver our timbers if this woman ever gets more power.  The Town of Linn almost became extinct because of her and her antics.  Vote in the coming election.  This is no small ‘pothole’ you can just cruise right on over and expect everyone else to take care of.  No, you have to fill this one with your votes.


Extending paid parking out into Lake Geneva residential neighborhoods.
More paid parking could be coming to the City of Lake Geneva. Last Monday night the public works committee started a discussion about adding more paid parking in residential areas. They are looking at adding 52 stalls on Warren, Madison, and Maxwell Streets, between Main St. and Geneva St., Then adding an additional 57 stalls on Geneva St. between Cook St. and Maxwell St.

These new stalls have a similar fill-up and occupancy rate as Library Park so they could bring in an additional income of over $150,000. It is estimated that the additional 52 stalls could generate about $75,000, and the other additional 57 stalls could generate about $82,000. There would be some additional costs to adding the 109 parking stalls, possibly adding some additional kiosks, although the visitors could use the kiosks on Main St. and Cook St. while monitoring their stalls using extra signage. It would cost roughly an additional $30,000 for the new stalls and signs.

At this point, the discussion was just informational, and no formal action has been taken. The city, however, would like the resident’s input and opinion at the next public works meeting set for Monday, March 22nd, at 4 p.m. If you are unable to attend the meeting for public comments such comments can always be mailed to city hall to be read aloud during the meeting.


The potential for installation of a traffic signal at Bloomfield Road and Edwards Boulevard is finally making some progress.
The agreement between the city, state, township, and school district is being prepared and will be sent to the city attorney for review sometime in the near future. Everyone is on board and wants to move forward with the signal installation in order to make it a safer intersection for all. After the approval of the agreement, the city will need to pay to have an engineer draw up the plans for the signal, and then, after approval of the plans and completion of the installation, the state will take overall bills and costs associated with the signal. It will be the state’s right of way and it will be required to get any permits needed for the project, along with paying the electric bill and any maintenance costs that are likely to arise.


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