Little Gems

The Badger Cheerleading Squad has done it again.  Another state trophy has been added to their extensive collection.  On Saturday February 25th 2017, the cheer team went to Madison for the state championship competition. The event was held at the Alliant Energy Center, where over 2000 competitors and 4000 spectators showed up for some extreme spirit and athletic demonstrations. It takes great motivation and dedication to become a contender in this sport. The Badger Cheer Team is no stranger to the winning circle, and this year was no exception. The team took the WACPC Medium State Championship for the third time in six years. Great job Badger Cheer Team!


Dairy Queen. You know the place over there on Wells Street in Lake Geneva. It closed September of 2016. Mike and Viki Nelson, the owners and operators for sixteen years, reluctantly closed the door and put their business up for sale. At that time there was a prospective buyer and they were optimistic it would be reopened soon. The community was sad to see it close. Many people have great memories and great appetites for the little soft serve stand, and the cool treats sold there. The building now sits empty and still for sale. What’s the problem? What needs to be done to make this business a profitable and logical business to own? Is Dairy Queen Headquarters requiring major updates and renovations? Whatever the problem is the place needs some attention. For several weeks the sign has been knocked down. No one seems to know how it happened or seem to care if its ever cleaned up. You would think the City Code Enforcer would have been sending out notifications right away as it is a safety issue and an eye sore in the community. The part time code enforcer of Lake Geneva, Jim Flower (yes the husband of alderperson Flower) has just sent out the first notification about the problem, as it’s lain there like the sign itself for a couple weeks.  The city and Dairy Queen corporate management need to get off their respective lower body parts and fix this mess.

Dairy Queen Sign Lake Geneva

Sad, abandoned and neglected. The high winds took out the old Dairy Queen sign on Wells recently. What will the future hold for this business now?


Theater opening on Broad Street. Two theaters, really. The first theater, the Magic Theater, for and by the deaf, on Cook Street, and then the four screen movie theater on Broad Street, not more than a block away. At least the big theater is supposed to open. The magic theater opened on Saturday to much fun and a lot of hoopla. It was a soft opening for the media. But at least it opened. The movie theater isn’t likely to open on March first as it is advertising. The interior is simply not done, and just how fast can the workers work? It is supposed to open on the day this paper comes out. If you are holding this issue in your hand, and the theater is open, then the staff of the GSR will be astounded.


Sugar Shack. Have you been there? Have you visited this strip club lately? Have you been to this rotten at the core gift that the Town of Geneva has gifted all of us by having it right here, not far from the northern limit of Lake Geneva? They want to expand and have a “regular, respectable and upstanding” dancehall attached to their low-life, scumbag and dope addled strip club. And what is your ability to bite into this soft brown, rotting apple of indignity with any sort of belief? Sugar Shack is owned by the woman who made her claim to fame by being a Playboy Bunny long ago, when Hugh Hefner opened and ran the Playboy Club where the Grand Geneva now sits. She stayed true to form in opening the strip club. Is she going to continue in this vein with the new supposed “dancehall,” just because she says so on her application? Does the phrase “when pigs fly,” mean anything to you?

Grandest Person of the Week

Daniel Colwell

Daniel Colwell is the new general manager of the the Geneva Theater, located on 244 Broad Street. Daniel comes to Lake Geneva with managerial, performing arts, and theatre experience. Daniels business enthusiasm and love of the arts has helped with the new identity, rapid remodel, and opening of this four-plex theater. Everyone in Lake Geneva has to look forward to watching the first film in the new Geneva Theater opening Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

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