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The City of Lake Geneva’s ordinance on political signs is Section 98-807 (4). The second sentence, that limits political signs to 30 days before an election, is in clear violation of the State of Wisconsin’s Statute12.04 which prohibits a municipality from restricting political signs on private property from the first day of circulation of nomination papers to election-day, which is approximately a four-month period, not a 30-day window just before the election. The second sentence in the city’s ordinance, which limits the display to 30 days, even contradicts the first line which says political signs are permitted without restrictions so long as they are located per the requirements of 98-804 (2)(d) and (e), do not impair vision, or do not otherwise create a public nuisance. If posting a political sign (free speech) on one’s own property creates such a public nuisance that political signs in the City of Lake Geneva have to limit it to a 30-day window before an election, then perhaps those who see it as a public nuisance have themselves become the real nuisance to the public by passing a law that silences local political expression as guaranteed by the State of Wisconsin. The City Ordinance Section 98-807 (4) reads: Temporary political signs are permitted without restriction so long as they locate per the requirements of 98-804 (2)(d) and (e), do not impair vision, or do not otherwise create a public nuisance. Such signs shall not be erected more than 30 days before the election and shall be removed within 48 hours after the election. This poppycock ordinance needs to be deleted, since the city attorney has apparently not noticed its illegality. Maybe he’s been too busy working on the annexation.

Delavan Train Show 2107

Delavan Train Show

The Delavan Train Show. All aboard! The 2017 Delavan Train Show is just a few short weeks away. On March 11 and 12th, the downtown Delavan merchants, the Aram Public library, and the Delavan American Legion Post 95, will be hosting the 10th Annual Train Show. This show features operating layouts in multiple scales, some of which are set up so kids and adults can actually run the trains, operate the accessories and play “I Spy.” There will be over 18 business’ involved and approximately 40 layouts. Admission is free along with plenty of free parking. The route starts at the American Legion, where you can pick up a map and train ‘ticket’ to be stamped at each location visited. Plus, there will be plenty of door prizes throughout the day, along with trolley and ‘trackless train’ rides. The show starts each day at 9am, so gather up the kids for a free, fun-filled family event, and take a stroll down memory lane. Food and beverages are available for purchase on site. Be sure to visit the train show on Facebook at Delavan Train Show, or listen to WSLD 104.5fm for upcoming details. If you are interested in volunteering at this event (great for kids needing to get in some community service time) you can contact Anita at the Aram Public Library at 262 728-3111 ext. 111 for more details. As an added bonus, lunch is provided for all volunteers. Thanks to the Deschner Family for creating this event, and continuing to oversee it all these years, and for everything they have done to bring this community event to downtown Delavan for everyone to enjoy.

Changing of the Seasons

Setting Piers Lake Geneva

The piers go in, as the summer season proceeds without summer really being here at all …

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