Little Gems

There was a personnel meeting of the Finance, Licensing and Regulations Committee.
That focused on the parking department and five applicants are being interviewed to fill the parking manager position in Lake Geneva. The position is expected to be filled before the busy tourist season begins. Once the interviews are done, the candidates will be narrowed down to the top three, and those applicants will be reviewed by the committee members. Only one candidate will be selected. The City of Lake Geneva is in a bit of a rush, however, with the annual budget shortfall this year and parking revenue is needed pretty badly.

This is not the only issue in the parking department. The new parking kiosks are due to arrive soon and installation and setup need to take place quickly. This may not happen right away because the Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee and the City Council have approved a service contract with the current parking kiosk operators. Alderperson Cindy Flower voiced her opposition to the approval of a contract with a company that’s having its kiosks torn out in less than a month. The argument of why the city is paying over sixty thousand dollars to service the old kiosks when the new ones will be here with the new company setting up the new ones. In a very short time, the new company will service the new kiosks, as well. Are the new kiosks going to sit in a garage and wait for the yearlong service contract with the old company to run out? That’s a good question.

The other parking issue discussed was the possible parking rate increase, and if the final decision needed to wait on the new parking manager, or if it could be decided beforehand. The Monday night city council group, so distorted and wrong about the comprehensive plan decision it made minutes before, decided to delay any parking decisions until the new manager was hired and installed.


Candle-lit hike.
The Big Foot Beach State Park Candle Light Hike is happening this Saturday, March 14th starting at 7 p.m. Enjoy a mile-long hike through the woods, with all hikers carrying flickering lit candles. After the walk, the hikers can warm up by a waiting bonfire and enjoy some treats while gathered around it.


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