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The Traver Hotel is destroyed and the men working on its cleanup are continuing to work at great risk to themselves. Peanuts are being paid to the “firm” that is taking down and hauling away the old hotel. The owner of the firm shows up daily in “T” shirt and runs the heavy equipment. He gets out to pull metal from the pile of refuse to put that aside for recycling without gloves. Occasionally two other workers have been seen to be on site, but that’s it. Whatever is being paid to the Lake Geneva Development Corporation for the wrecking crew’s work is certainly going to have a healthy chunk of its capital remaining.

Or will it?

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Paid parking returns with a vengeance.  
Tuesday, the 1st of March, was the day when the Luke II parking machines were uncovered and returned to service in downtown Lake Geneva. Between the hours of 9am to 7pm the parking meters are enforced. The cost is $1.00 per hour with a 5 hour maximum. For your convenience the meters accept quarters, $1 and $5 dollar bills as well as credit/debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Discover. You can also put a $20 dollar bill in the machine, but you will not get change back.

The outrage of some parking spots in the city being co-owned by certain private owners and the city rages on.
That form of partnership is unconstitutional in that it allows private citizens the privilege of bill collecting, using the possibility of denied auto registration and driver license renewal as a threat. That power is supposed to be vested in governmental agencies only, but that has not mattered to the leadership of Lake Geneva.

If you are a resident or non-resident property owner of Lake Geneva you may obtain a free parking permit at the City Hall. For those of you that like a little healthy walk parking is free year round at the Sage St. and Dunn Field parking lots. Get your sneakers out.

Parking Meters Unshrouded


Laae Geneva Parking Meter unshrouded

The death shrouds come off the money grubbing parking robots as paid parking returned to Lake Geneva with a vengeance. It all started over again last Tuesday and paid parking will continue until next winter.


Automatic driving.
Never before has such a huge cross section and business spectrum of economic entities gotten together to oppose something as forward thinking, necessary and life saving as automatic driving. You are going to see a colossal uprising by industries not normally known to be in bed together.

Auto insurance companies are literally frightened to death of losing ALL of their casualty premiums because cars simply won’t have accidents (statistically) anymore. Trial lawyers will not receive personal injury cases from auto accidents (seventy percent of most attorney firm’s revenues). The Highway Patrols across the nation will be cut severely because there will be no speeders, no violators at all. Drunk driving schools will disappear along with ignition interlock companies. Fines for all driving violations will be gone overnight. The makers of highway signs and traffic control devices will be out of business, along with radar detector and speed radar machine companies.

Driver’s license fees will be no more. The effected companies are nearly endless and the list keeps growing. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved. Older, infirm, or sick people, and even drinkers will be able to get around with freedom again. None of that is going to matter. This coming war is going to be huge. Look for the right wing conservatives to come up with great arguments against automatic driving.

The battle is about to be joined!

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