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The four seasons. Southern Wisconsin, and Lake Geneva in particular, has four distinct seasons, each of which can be experienced in full bloom (rather violently) or in a more sedate style, depending upon how Mother Nature wants to distribute its largesse from year to year. This array of wildly swinging temperatures and extraneous weather phenomena make Lake Geneva quite attractive and yet repellant, sometimes at the same time. Geneva Lake froze over early in the winter of this current season and it’s remained frozen over since early last December.

The variation in seasons has created leadership problems in Lake Geneva’s city management, both elected and appointed. And these leadership problems are not limited to winter months alone. In summer there are parking and traffic problems. In fall there are leaves and road problems. In spring there are “cleanup from winter” problems. These are all normal things for a Midwestern geographic location to experience.

The main problem is that the seasons change so rapidly that the smaller problems tend to get “waited through.” There is a real problem with humans and vehicles traveling out on lake ice soon after it forms in early winter, and after it starts to melt in early spring. Nobody with any sense of rationality disagrees that something must be done to protect people from their own ignorance about that ice or the hazards of going out on the lake without taking careful precautions.

But what? The problem will soon pass, to be kicked down the road into next winter.

Spring in Lake Geneva, March 1, 2016Lake Geneva Wisconsin. A March storm blew in, covering all the ground and ice that had just cleared with a few imitation spring days. Here it is and its effect as it finished blowing across Geneva Lake this afternoon….Check it out yourself.

Posted by The Geneva Shore Report on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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