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Public snow plowing of private clubs and streets.
What happens when the City of Lake Geneva sends out its plows to take care of accumulated snow and does not pay attention to which streets are private and which streets are those owned by the community? The private clubs and streets get plowed out for free. This issue came up last week when a resident got mad at a city plow-truck driver and told him to get the hell out of the private community he was working in. The driver was shocked and followed the resident’s orders, but then went to the head of the city street department and told his story The head of the department was shocked. The city has been plowing that private neighborhood over there along the western shore of Lake Geneva for many, many years, assuming the streets to be city-owned. Once inside the community, it becomes obvious how private the area really is. The parks along the lakeshore are all lined with ‘private’ signs and there are plenty of places designated as parking spots for the resident’s golf carts. Inside private communities during the summer golf carts are the preferred means of getting around because distances are short and there are not insurance/registration or other vehicular rules to be concerned with. The city needs to get all over this issue in a hurry and stop having the regular citizens subsidize the wealthy private club and street owners around the lake.


Perkins Restaurant. Located at 1312 Geneva St, in Delavan, is fully remodeled and open for business! In July of 2018, the restaurant suffered a massive fire, which destroyed the building. The fire started in the kitchen and spread from there, also causing excessive roof damage. The renovations took longer than expected but everyone is happy to see a great place reopened, and to see their core business booming again!

Reopening of Perkins

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Lake Geneva

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery. They are back! Better food, better service and the best pies around!

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