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Jim Weiss runs for re-election in Town of Linn.
The controversial but brilliant Jim Weiss runs for re-election next Tuesday against a man supported by a woman named Chris Jones. Chris Jones, the same woman who was involved with purchasing the old welding shop close to Zenda, buying it at a sheriff’s sale and then re-selling it to Reed of that pier company, and finally pushing the Town of Linn Board to allow Reed to put in the two huge warehouse buildings when the land was more appropriately set up to be residential, like the other land around it. But the ‘Jones Edifice’ sits out there now, big and ugly, and her recommended man runs for the top spot on the board.

Weiss is the guy the Geneva Shore Report originally criticized for also being the city administrator of Williams Bay. The discussion at the time was about potential conflict of interest situations, but none have ever arisen. On every issue requiring political dexterity and the application of analytical intellect, Jim Weiss has come through with flying colors. He’s been a great leader of the township and the entire area would do well to try to hang onto him.


Buying real estate these days?
The Lake Geneva market is extremely hot, with multiple offers coming in on all the single-family dwellings on the market that are priced below three hundred thousand dollars. Be careful. Understand, in a hot market, just how much a willing, honest and qualified buyer can get hurt. If an offer is submitted, for example, the realtor and owner receiving the offer never have to answer the offer, by law. That’s right, you might just sit there never knowing whether you offer is accepted or not and that can hurt you when you are looking at other properties, or if you have already sold the place you are living in and have to move on soon.

The best way to try to avoid this situation is to deal with a major real estate firm instead of the smaller brokers and players. The big firm can and may get sued if you get damaged in such a situation, while the little places can simply ignore the lawsuit and move. The big firms are also much more sensitive to integrity claims against them. Right now, the GSR has received two complaints wherein the potential buyers submitted offers and then, were only informed that their offers had been turned down after the places were sold to other people. A lot of time went by before those notifications were made. One was a full price offer the day the house in question came on the market! Maybe it is high time that the GSR started publishing the names of the realtors involved in these situations so the public can avoid them. There ought to be a code of conduct, and for many of them, there is, but not for all.


Person of the Week

Matthew Lyons of Imagetech

Matthew Lyons, sales rep at Imagetech in McHenry. Knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing, all the things that make for a great sales person, not to mention the top notch company that he works for.


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