Little Gems

The new chief of police in Fontana. The good news here is that Chief Olson, the old chief, retired after nineteen years. Jeff Cates, formerly sergeant in the same department was appointed. He has an excellent reputation and has been a long term member of the department. Even appointing Rasputin as police chief would have been good news, next to having the authoritarian nightmare of Olson as chief. No time was wasted, as the department celebrated Chief Olsen at his good riddance party. Jeff was trotted out and he was sworn in on the spot. Sergeant Jeff Cates was promoted to the position of Police Chief on that day in early March, and has spent the last couple of weeks settling in to his new role. Chief Cates is very familiar with the department, as he has all that experience. He started as a community service officer while he finished his schooling. In the summer of 2001 he was officially an officer working part-time, then full-time and in 2012 he was promoted to Sargent. The role of Police Chief was the obvious next step for him. His dedication to the Fontana Police Department and the community has not gone unnoticed. Welcome aboard chief, and there’s going to be a lot more fresh air blowing around the lake because of your appointment.

McConaughey. You know the guy. That movie actor fella. He’s been rumored to be coming to live on the water’s edge of Geneva Lake for quite some time now. The suspected home is being built during the heart of winter, which if Mr. McConaughey is really building it, means he’s no smarter than some other people around the lake who allow contractors to build their houses out of wood while winter’s moisture sinks into that same wood.

The election’s coming. What election? The election for the only contested seat on the Lake Geneva City Council. It’s on April 4th. Don’t miss it. Ted Horne, incumbent, is running against John Halverson (former managing editor of the Lake Geneva Regional News). Gelting, Hedlund and Howell are all shoe-in candidates, since nobody is running against them. Ted Horne has been a good Alderman. Halvorson had the good sense to hate the GSR. You Pick!

Why has the BID (Business Investment District) become unpopular? At least it appears to be unpopular, with Mr. “Cordite” Kordus and his minion Chris Gelting voting against allowing the BID to have its fees waived for running those banners on city light poles the BID has long been famous for. The BID was set up years ago to help the small businesses on Main Street and Broad get through tough mercantile times, and also to attract more quality people to the stores according to Kordus, There’s an ordinance that handles the city charging for hanging banners. The city’s enrichment is the reason that ordinance is in place, and it’s doing its job. So the BID should pay. Thankfully, for the sake of the BID, and the businesses up and down Main and Broad, the other alderpersons had more sense, and heart. The BID again gets to have its banners hung for free. That’s not happening yet in Williams Bay. They’ve designated 4 homes to be “tourist” homes. Now, how many of those special permits are given to family or friends?


Grandest Place
Supermercado Lake Geneva

Supermercado Lake Geneva

Supermercado is Lake Geneva’s favorite Mexican restaurant, hands down. It offers authentic everything. The place is wonderful except the size of their building and crunched parking out front. How they manage a restaurant and grocery store in this super tiny building is impressive in itself. Supermercado has giant portions, fantastic dishes, cheap reasonable and service is fantastic. Also, the biggest damned burritos on the planet! It’s located on Williams street across from Kwik Trip on Broad Street.




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