The following article was written on Facebook a few days ago, and I’ve been puzzled about whether it’s an accurate opinion, inflammatory rhetoric, ridiculous or simply written in a really strong style to say a good bit of nothing. The article came out just after the Obamacare repeal lost, with the republican inability to give the nation Trumpcare (a medical insurance bill that would have given most of the citizens less but making them believe it was more). It would have been heartwarming, in a coldly literary and social media way, if the bill to repeal Obamacare had passed. Trumpcare would have been the anchor point for the man’s presidency forever onward. Now the nation has to hold its breath and hope that anchor point does not involve anything radioactive. I’m quoting the body of this article below, not really for your comment because it’s so hard to comment back to a newspaper, but to illustrate how hard it is today for all of us living in America to play together peacefully with love, bliss and joy in the same ‘sandbox’ of a country we’ve all ended up in as United States citizens (or those of us masquerading as citizens). Here it is:

“The summer winds blew a bit early this year, on the political scenery out there from Washington D.C., anyway. A waft of refreshing logic made its way across the Potomac and spread throughout the nation yesterday. For all the wrong reasons (the bill they were backing was not horridly punishing enough) the republicans got it right, and rejected a roll back of the health care act that helped so many people. The second, less important, but equally satisfying part of the this ‘summer wind,’ was a rebuke of the spewing nonsense that’s been coming out of the white house since mental illness moved in last January. The White House remains mired in one weird scandal after another. Democrats were expected to complain and carry on, of course, but even they, ineffectual empty suits as most of them are, could not have gotten together and caused all this raucous caterwauling. So, the pouting form of America’s orange-topped laxative, currently called a president, sits there waiting to squat and leave it in some other way, or upon some new pristine territory. What next? Paul Ryan, or “Dopey Wan Kenobi” goes back to presiding over the House of Representatives, with all those bobble-headed clowns continuing to think he has anything for brains other than the staple of Wisconsin holed cheese that he has. John Boy from The Walton’s without the intellect. The nation goes back to its proverbial armchair to await more entertainment because there can be no other reason on earth as to why that cretinous creature was placed front and center to do the awful things he’s got to keep coming up with, or wither away and become one of the piles he currently and quickly leaves behind him.”

A huge majority of the population is of the opinion that the citizenry should somehow come together and work toward common goals no matter what our philosophical, cultural, sexual, or religious differences. The phrase most commonly used is “getting along.” How is it that we can’t all get along? The problem with that phrase being used so loosely, and the difference between thinking about what it means and then acting in accordance to some distilled result of that thinking, is describable in three words; dominance, power, and injustice.

The most addictive thing in the world is not drugs. It’s not gambling. It’s not even investing in bad relationships. It’s in getting others to do what we want them to do, because we want them to do it. The one element that should always follow that statement, except in certain temporary situations (like the running of a concentration camp), is assuring that the people told what to do, want to do whatever it is they are being told to do. Masses of people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram rail on about how nobody wants to pull together and build things or do things. This ‘getting along’ phrase has come back at full strength with respect to the overwhelming dominance by the republican party in this last election.

There’s no truth to it. There’s no truth in the people saying or writing it. They don’t mean what they are saying anymore than they have any thoughts about their opposition (the one’s being told to do stuff against their will) doing it. It’s a bald-faced lie. What people mean when they say that phrase, usually couched in a sentence about how we should all act with one another, is two other words; “tough shit.”   Too bad, might be a cleaner way to say or write that but it would lack the punch, and the people who are telling everyone else to ‘get along’ are saying and writing it with punch. They mean it to hurt, and they mean for the hurt to be something that those not in power, those not in possession of large amounts of money, or family positions, should experience on a regular basis. By using this expression, those happily supporting whatever dominance structure is put in place (this one just happens to be the Trump machine), can be mean-spirited without appearing to be that way. If you think mean-spiritedness is something owned by the republican party, well, it isn’t. Do you recall the victory celebrations following the Obama win eight years ago? The black man was touted, to those tending toward white supremacy (a whole load of them, as the nation’s recently relearned) not as a great leader, but as the great black hope. Hope of what? Dominating the white supremacists, and more.

Is mean-spirited thinking and behavior, genetic since its continuing prevalence among members of the human species on the planet remains so deeply ingrained? Does having a large mass of the exiting population act in mean-spirited ways enhance the survival potential of the species? The fact that what we know of as “humankind” began over three million years ago tells us all something. Humanity has been a terrific success to still be here on the surface of this difficult and harsh rotating orb. It also tells us that it’s taken three and a half million years just to pull ourselves this far out of the muck. Mean-spirited is at the foundation of competition, and competition is at the foundation of our genetic success. Our kids survive against the success of other kids, not in support of them. Teamwork is a wonderful thing in ‘getting along’ to build things, but when it comes to who runs those things we all build, it’s competition and mean-spiritedness in winning that is defined as ultimate success. Donald Trump is president. This case is rested.
~James Strauss

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