Little Gems

The Shack.
There appears to be some controversy, engendered by the article that appeared last week in the Geneva Shore Report, about that “anything but sugar” Sugar Shack. It would appear the article, about the fact that this place of “whatever repute” is seeking to expand and add a ‘regular’ dance club to its existent structure, left out the male dancers. The Geneva Shore Report regrets leaving out these male members. The Geneva Shore Report staff would like to apologize for leaving the big guys out of the focus of the article’s intent.

The article was meant to generate speculation about whether, in this day and age and development around the Geneva Lake area, a new classy and upscale dance club might be attached to a low-down drag-out watering hole for people who don’t want to make the effort to get it up for higher forms of entertainment. The chances that a dance club for ‘regular’ folks could be exactly that are pretty grim, given the simple fact that what ‘regular’ citizen would pull up to the attached dance club and risk having other people come by and take photos of his or her car, and then post the photo on Facebook? It’s not going to happen.

Dana Montana, the former Playboy bunny, is the owner operator of some very neat businesses outside the Lake Geneva area in Delavan, including Dancing Horses Theater and Lolli pups pet resort center, is quite the business maven. Her strip club in Chicago, called Scores, is supposed to be wildly profitable. There is no question that Dana knows how to turn the exposure of human flesh into cash. Just how far can she go with the town board of Geneva in gaining more exposure is what’s currently being discussed, however. A GSR reporter for the paper was told that Ms. Montana, a fine figure of a woman, was disturbed by last week’s article about her new plan. We hope this article somewhat mollifies her feelings.


Starbucks is coming. Again!
A new Starbucks will be opening at the Wal-Mart at the intersection of Highway 120 and Highway 50.  The new Starbucks will be a little stepsister to the main Starbucks on Main Street. The new one is going to be a drive through, but a Starbucks nevertheless. Opening dated, yet to be announced. Along with that, A T & T will open a sales office in the same new building.

Starbucks New Location


Update on the Aldi Grocery Store chain opening a store at Lake Geneva on Edwards Boulevard.
The special opening day has been set for April 6th 2017, which is right on schedule with the original plan. The idea and talk of Aldi coming started about a year ago, and for quite a while the confirmation of this news was kept confidential from the public. Once the news was official (following a Geneva Shore Report story) the work started and hasn’t stopped. Many construction jobs, big and small, have a hard time meeting deadlines due to unforeseen issues, but the Aldi crew has done a wonderful job of staying on target. Many people in the community have been patiently waiting and are excitedly standing by for opening of this store. Aldi carries many unique grocery items, as well as commonly used grocery staples, and other items. The variety, quality and very low prices are worth a regular shopping trip to the store.


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