Little Gems

 It would appear that business is starting to boom on the east end of Lake Geneva.
Quite possibly, it’s the “if you build it, they will come” effect.  Whatever the case may be, a new parcel is under commercial development next to Starbucks, on the corner of Highway 50 and Edwards Boulevard.  According to Frank, with Innovative Construction Solutions, the firm is coming back to build another commercial structure that will house a Game Stop, Aspen Dental and potentially MOD Pizza. Occupancy and business openings could take place as early as August or September of this year.

New Businesses


The American Legion Post 24 canteen (otherwise known as the little hot dog stand at the corner of Library Park and Wrigley Drive), should open memorial day weekend.
Allegedly, Ben Host and his wife Maggie will be back, (on the occasional weekend) to run the canteen.  Last year, Ben and Maggie wanted to relocate closer to family in Kansas. Fortunately, for Lake Geneva, and the American Legion Post 24, they settled just an hour and a half away.  When Maggie isn’t leading a Pilates class, and Ben isn’t building high-rises, this dynamic couple, often seen behind the nostalgic little order window of the canteen, will be back working the hot dog stand once again.  During their absence, Ben’s sister will be managing this not-for-profit hot dog stand, staffed with local high school students, and a freshman in college who will be there to experience the running of a small business and to learn business management.  Welcome back Ben and Maggie, even if it is just only the occasional weekend or weekday.


Chocolate Fest is here once again!
In Burlington, the festivities will start on Thursday, May 24th, and run through the holiday weekend, ending on Monday, May 28th. This wonderful family fun carnival will have tons of chocolate, rides, games, music, food, chocolate carving, and so much more. This great little annual festival, that many consider a great way to welcome the summer season, is a terrific place to take the kids and go right off of any well-disciplined diet.

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