Little Gems

Twelfth and Brown. The Root Beer Store is gone. The guy who opened it apparently didn’t understand the root beer business. He had many kinds of draft root beer. Then he set up a bar and served the tap root beers in small plastic glasses warm. Warm root beer! How was that supposed to work? Well, the Root Beer store at 729 Main Street went down, and now a real retail store has replaced it, and these people know their market and how to run a class operation. It is a quality women’s clothing and accessories store, and with decent prices. They also have some special gifts and home goods, too, that will impress anyone going in there. The build-in is first rate, and very slickly professional. Some people were upset to see the Root Beer Store go, especially some staff members of the GSR that went in and drank the root beer warm in spite of wanting frozen glass mugs like A&W used to serve at its drive-ins many years ago. But Twelfth and Brown is a really neat replacement. They open this Friday, following the delivery of the GSR issue. Go in there and you will not only like them, but probably buy something you didn’t know you needed, but now have to have.

Twelfth and Brown

Twelfth and Brown Lake Geneva

Here it comes, another quality women’s wear and home décor shop



Matthew McConaughey. Is he moving here? Most assuredly, according to the continuing rumors coming in from around the lake. He is, however, purportedly not purchasing that home just north of Stone Manor. Apparently, he has purchased a fully built home vacated and sold by Mr. Kunes (of local car dealership fame) recently. Mr. Kunes moved into a much larger, 42,000 square foot place, leaving the paltry Fontana place (at only about six thousand) behind. When will documents confirm this sale, and when will Matthew McConaughey be seen around the lake on a regular basis? That is the unknown element when dealing in rumors. People are awfully good at telling stories and this one has had mighty big legs for quite some time. Hopefully, over the next thirty days, the GSR will be able to finally, truly, confirm, Matthew McConaughey’s presence, or put the rumor to bed forever.

Person of the Week

Rev. Kenneth Dillingham of Wayward Chapel, Lake Geneva

Kenneth Dillingham is the Reverend of the Wayman Chapel in Delavan. He’s also a long term and highly valued postman at the Lake Geneva Post Office. His hospitality and friendliness are as evident across that counter every day, as his is his easy southern charm. You can count on Ken when in a bind. He recently married a GSR employee on very short notice and rolled with all the last minute changes smoothly. Thank you Reverend Kenneth Dillingham!

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