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Katie Grady reports from Geneva Lake about Geneva Lake:Supposedly at the WSP (Water Safety Patrol) board meeting this week they announced that the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) wants to remove all the slow no wake and swimming area buoys from the lake. They also announced they want to rescind the law that requires skiers, tubers, and wakeboarders to have a spotter. I find these to be ridiculously backwards measures that will make our lake less safe, and I was hoping you could possibly research/report on it so we can stop these laws from passing before anything bad happens.”

The Geneva Shore Report launched their X-File division in total to cover this developing story. So far, after three discussions with the DNR, including with water, conservancy and director, the agency has no idea what the WSP (Water Safety Patrol) might be up to. Whatever might be considered is not originating in the offices of the DNR. It was mentioned that the Wisconsin State Assembly had put two bills forward recently to do away with the necessity of having a spotter for waterskiing, not just Geneva Lake but any lake in the State of Wisconsin. The GLA (Geneva Lake Association), through the auspices of Jack Goggin, was interested in any developments which he would put in front of the GLA board for its attention should anyone come forward to present them. That meeting will be held on the 17th of June and the GSR will certainly be attending and presenting. No one at the WSP could be reached for comment because they are not open for the season yet. Or so their recording states. More on this later.

This Parking Fee map, produced by Lake Geneva’s city hall personnel, details where the new two dollar an hour parking will be placed.  The machines for those areas will be adjusted to make two dollars the standard charge for an hour.  Three years ago parking rates doubled.  Now, in these areas, they double again.  Meanwhile, the standard of living index went up three point six percent. This increase is typical of what has happened ever since municipalities have come to realize just how much power they have when it comes to monopolistic fee practices where they can use license and registration suspension and denial as punishment tools for those who don’t want or can’t pay.  The American automotive culture around Lake Geneva advances toward electric propulsion and automatic driving while Lake Geneva retreats back toward more intense and harsher punishments and fees.

Parking Fee Map Lake Geneva

Featured Photo: Late night ski session. Gage Marine ski lessons, cams and wake nights. Geneva Lake, WI

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