Little Gems

The new Lake Geneva Tourism Commission prepares to carve up ‘Visit Lake Geneva’ (the old chamber of commerce) like a turkey on Thanksgiving.
If you think that the old Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, now known as Visit Lake Geneva, is about to enjoy all that illegally collected tax money (they get to collect taxes, but are not a legal public entity), they are a non profit that, outside of having publicly declared tax forms every year, reports to no one, including the taxpayers, then you and they have another thing coming. This slight of hand trick, allowing Visit Lake Geneva to receive directly a portion of the tax sharing of room taxes, instead of the city collecting it, and then giving them some, is about to be invaded by the new kid on the block.

Who’s the new kid? The Lake Geneva Tourism Commission is the kid. And the kid is coming with demands for money. The Lake Geneva Tourism Commission wants some of that chump change (about three million a year) to use as grants to give to event coordinators, as they see fit, to bring different entertainment, shows and other enticing activities to the city. Sound like a good idea? Only at first blush. Who controls who gets what, and how is that reporting going to be done? How many relatives, family, cronies and friends are going to be in that receiving line?


Jim Weiss, and how it’s working out.

Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss, Chairman Town of Linn and Village Administrator Village of Williams Bay

The Geneva Shore Report ran a story about trepidation and concern regarding Mr. Weiss, when he accepted the job in Williams Bay as their city administrator. Mr. Weiss held, and continues to also hold, the job of President of the Town of Linn Village Board. It was feared that Mr. Weiss might get himself into a situation where he had to choose between doing the right thing for Town of Linn or for Williams Bay, if it came to a conflict. So far, and there is no question about it, both communities have profited wonderfully by Mr. Weiss holding down both jobs. He’s proven himself to be something of a master politician, honorable man and solid decision-maker. His stand, bringing both communities together to fight for the rights of land owners and the community itself when it comes to use of the Geneva Lake shore path, in opposing the Lake Geneva Grand Geneva land grab, and then instituting the revamping and rewriting of the Town of Linn Comprehensive Plan, has been nothing short of decisively brilliant. The GSR was afraid that things would go south with Mr. Weiss sitting at the helm of two adjoining communities. The GSR could not have been more wrong.




New Business

Nails and Spa Lake Geneva

New nail & spa place: “The Lake Geneva Nails & Spa” next to Best Buy on Edwards Blvd.


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