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The Geneva Lake shore path controversy rages on. There are those whom have definitively set out to protect and preserve the Geneva Lake shore path from commercialization and exploitation. There are also those that either want to get rid of the path altogether, or want to allow unrestricted use to anyone who happens to want to use it for whatever purposes. Here are those entities that have come forth to support protecting the path as it is:

  • The Town of Linn
  • Geneva Shore Report
  • Lakeshore property owners
  • Walworth County Land Office
  • Geneva Lake Association Members
  • Geneva Lake Environmental Assoc.
  • Village of Williams Bay
  • Village of Fontana
  • Geneva Lake Conservancy
  • Regional News Editorial Board
  • Host of Geneva Lake Community citizens and residents.

Here are those entities and individuals who have not come aboard prioritizing the care of the path or its continuance:

  • Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce/ Visit Lake Geneva
  • Lake Geneva Bid District
  • City Council of Lake Geneva (except John Halverson-alderperson)
  • Tom Hartz of Simple Restaurant
  • Clearwater Outdoor
  • The Geneva Inn

Pothole Lake GenevaThe Lonely Barrel
On the morning of May 17th after a heavy rain the previous night, a hole appeared in the middle of the southNote by Barrel Lake Geneva bound lane in the 900th block of Williams Street. Later that morning an orange barrel was placed over it and it has been there since then.

On May 21st a note was written by the barrel that said “locate 25 foot radius” with an arrow pointing to the hole. This “hole” may be similar to storm drainage sink hole that appeared a couple of blocks down the road in the terrace in front of the Town Bank. In that sinkhole there was only a 4 inch hole on top, but under it, was a void 12 feet deep and 6 feet across. So what’s under or not under the orange barrel on Williams Street?

It could be something or it could be nothing, but as the saying goes “We have nothing to worry about”.



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