Little Gems

Paid Parking is back.
The parking kiosks were uncovered Tuesday of last week, kiosks were prepped and turned on Wednesday, and Thursday paid parking began. The new parking manager is taking it all in stride and working alongside the parking crew to get things moving. The parking attendants will be out enforcing as they have in the past. The plan is to try to keep the city’s losses as minimal as possible. Not only are individuals, families, and businesses feeling a gut punch every time they look at their bottom line, so is the city. This past weekend was a good sign that the budget can be salvaged a bit, and confirmation that turning on the parking kiosks is a good plan.


Visitor problems looming in Lake Geneva.
The Lake Geneva Street Department has its work cut out for it with the large crowds flooding the sidewalks, and any available walking, standing, or sitting spaces every weekend. The garbage cans this last weekend were all heaping with trash and spilling over onto the sidewalks. The city crews tried to keep up but most of the garbage was left for the quiet morning hours of on Monday. Not only did the city have the trash to deal with, but many visitors ignored, or knocked over barricades, police tape, and rope that then had to be replaced or redone. The trash is one thing to deal with, but the other has to do with a different kind of trash. The public bathrooms are all closed. The governor’s emergency plan closed all public bathrooms in the state. That has begun creating a different kind of “public” restroom problem. With thousands of visitors coming to Lake Geneva every weekend the public is caught in a real bind. Where are they supposed to go? There are only a very few places, like filling stations, that people can go, unless they decide that they can’t make it to one of them.

What then? The word public may have to be redefined, at least how it is used in the phrase public restrooms.


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