They are starting to figure out the real effects of what they have done. They can’t say they were wrong to have so “over-the-top” responded to the threat of the Coronavirus. No, they can never do that. What they can do is change the numbers, which they are rapidly doing now across the land. All of a sudden, the numbers are drastically dropping. Mayor Cuomo of New York was on television today indicating that mostly the threat is passing New York by because of all the things they did to stop it. Right. No, they are quaking in their boots as the city dies around them, and ready to stop this exercise in experimental social change and economics.

Finally, finally, these packs of insulated low-life-experienced and highly paid cretins are figuring out that this is going to nail their butts too. So, maybe this “reducing the numbers” will go national, and the states will get to open and save what is still savable out here. One can only hope. They have so frightened the public, however, with the help of this sold-out bunch of self-centered mass media owners and producers and anchors, that social distancing may become ingrained in the public mind. If that has happened or is happening, then look for damage from this to go on and on into the future. Look for marriages to drop fifty percent, as nobody wants to go out or date anymore. Look for existent marriages to drop thirty percent or more to divorce, as stay-at-home continues to build the emotional explosiveness that is currently going on. Look for the birth rate to drop precipitously, as women will not want to go to a hospital to deliver, or even consider such a thing. Look for abortions to increase tremendously. Viagra as a drug will all but disappear. They, our poorly considered choice of leaders, have ignited a fuse that they can’t stop burning and have no idea about where the main charge is hidden or how big it is, or even when the fire inside the fuse is going to ignite it. We are all going to find out what it means to screw with the social order in a way that has never been done. Whether this has all been done on purpose or not is irrelevant. The fuse is burning, now get ready for the explosion because it is sure as hell is coming our way.

The biggest complaint people seem to have about anyone who thinks re-opening is not only a good idea but the only way the culture we have all grown to love may survive is that the lives are a few are the same as the lives of the many and those lives must be saved at all cost. Well, that simply can’t be true, without the unit, the society, the culture, the tribe the country dying in the process. In Vietnam, I commanded hundreds of men in combat. So many times I had to sacrifice one Marine to keep a bunch of others alive. This kind of thing, in combat, was well illustrated by a scene in the great war movie called “Full Metal Jacket.” A Marine was hit by a sniper and calling out in agony for help. A couple of his friends tried to get to him and got dead doing it. Finally, the commanding officer would not let any more Marines go out and die to bring the wounded Marine back.

The officer was attacked and derided for his decision. Was the officer right?

At Pearl Harbor after the attack, sailors trapped in one capsized battleships beat on the armor from the inside the compartments behind a foot of hull armor. A team of divers, using torches burned their way into one compartment and ignited what was inside. Four divers were killed. The admiral of the base stopped all rescues of that nature. For many nights and days, Marine sentries patrolled the docks next to the ship and had to listen to the pounding of the wrenches coming through those impenetrable hulls. Was the admiral right?

The virus is a killer, that is true, but how many have to die from starvation, exposure, and even violence to minimize the number killed by the virus? The answer to that question might stun and surprise everyone. Do we want that surprise?

The admiral in Hawaii was real. The sentries were real. The people who died were real, as well, and no price should be put on the support given to keep people who are in bad shape with the virus alive either. There is no price than can be put on that, but there sure as heck will be a surprising price paid.

Do we want that surprise?

~James Strauss

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