Yes, another Riviera gala is coming to Lake Geneva.
A special New Year’s Eve Party will be held to benefit the “Never Say Never Playland” charitable operation in charge of building a playground for the handicapped on the grounds of Veterans Park.  The Gala will also be the third celebration of the grand opening of the Riviera Pier Complex redevelopment only recently completed.  This gala will be another manifestation coming from the brain of Mayor Charlene Klein.  The woman, and mayor, certainly knows how to throw a party.  The entry fee, which gets anyone paying the freight snacks, dinner, and a night of great dancing fun with a swing band is only $75.00’. The GSR will post the first date wherein tickets can be purchased.


The little biting but not really stinging items occurring all the time.
How about the streetlight that the city replaced at the Medusa on the corner of Broad Street?  That light is white and bright, while all the other lights up and down Broad are dimmer and yellow.   There is no way the city is showing favoritism, it’s just the small stuff that can appear bothersome and mysterious to citizens driving by or stopping for a bit to eat.

The city’s bathrooms at the Riviera, indicated to now be open all year  24/7, were closed and locked on Friday morning of last week.  What was that all about?  Probably just somebody forgetting to leave them unlocked (the inside doors to the fairway and small businesses set up further south are always locked, at least for the season.  Bothersome, but not a big deal.

And why is the city street department closed on Fridays?  Isn’t that normally a workday for just about everyone?  Yes, the street crews can be caused to work at all hours of the day or night, depending upon weather and emergencies. But still, what about a skeleton crew manning the operation on Fridays?


FREE parking begins Monday, November 15th, and continues until February 1, 2022.
A friendly reminder: this also means winter parking regulations begin. Starting November 15th, through March 31st, vehicles are not allowed to park between the hours of 2 a.m. through 6 a.m. on any city street. On days that it snows no parking is allowed on any city street until snow removal is complete. Sidewalks also need to be cleared for safety reasons. The property owner is responsible for removal and must be completed within twenty-four hours of the snowfall. If this is not done the city will hire out the job and bill the property owner twice the cost along with fines. If snow removal is an issue due to being physically restricted, and those cannot afford to hire a service, they can contact city hall for possible volunteer assistance. The city public works department has already begun prepping for the upcoming weather by converting the city trucks into snowplows, checking on supplies, and tuning up equipment, and planning policy and procedures. Planning and prepping will help ensure a safe winter season.

Person of the Week

Liz at the Avanyt Coffee Shop Lake Geneva

Liz at the Avant Coffee Shop is always ready to serve the best, with a smile


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