Veterans Day.
November 11, the day after the United States Marine Corps Birthday.  Some restaurants will be celebrating in Lake Geneva, the return from the wars for some of the rarest of vets, and then all those others who served to support the combatants.  There will be a free fish fry all day long at Popeyes on Wrigley, a free meal of anything at Simple Cafe on Broad Street, Egg Harbor on Main Street, and the Tuscan Tavern and Grill, also located on Broad not far from Simple.  This is a really nice benefit and gesture to the veterans who have given so much so that Americans can have so much.

Celebrate Veterans Day


What else needs immediate help in order for Lake Geneva to accommodate a rapidly changing future?
An office for each of the departments in the city needs to be set up in the municipal building.  Attendance in those offices by department heads should be required at certain hours so that elected and appointed officials might have access to them on a daily basis.

Lead pipes ought to be removed (or the process begun) right now.  The city can borrow money or take it from other places until the money comes in for this vital project.  Pipes should also be replaced in homes at city expense, not the homeowner’s expense.   That should be done at city expense because the city knew, or should have known better than to ever have allowed them to be installed.

The traffic signal at Edwards Boulevard and Highway Fifty must be fixed.  That intersection is a mess and unsafe at any speed.  Now.  Not down the road somewhere.  Cut the red tape, controversy, and arguments.  Fix it.

There needs to be a signal on Highway 50 at the entrance to the Grand Geneva, and that should be put in no matter how much the Grand Geneva kicks and screams about not wanting one.  The Grand Geneva is not a Lake Geneva property and Lake Geneva should treat it accordingly.  The name “Lake Geneva” should be required to be removed from all properties that are not in Lake Geneva or have the people using the name to raise the value of their properties pay a premium for using it.


Have you heard product availability is a concern this Christmas season?
Traditionally Thanksgiving and Black Friday have been the kickoff to holiday shopping. Last year, because of the pandemic online shopping, was pushed to the max and utilized more than ever before. If online shopping is your plan for this year, you really need to get started due to shipping and delivery delays.

This year brings a new issue to the fore, with widespread supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, especially regarding toys and electronics. Prices are also rising, and product inventories will be limited because of high consumer demand and low availability of products.  Shopping insiders are encouraging everyone to start early, like this month.

Some people saw this coming and started back in August and September. Lake Geneva businesses, with the help of the BID (business improvement district), have come up with a plan. Downtown will be transformed. The stores will be full of Christmas cheer and wonderfully unique in-stock and tangible Christmas gifts. What a great way to avoid the frustration of not finding what you’re looking for or having items shipped after the holiday and give gifts that feel warm and personalized and likely have a little less big box store feel to them.

Shopping downtown should fill everyone with the Christmas spirit as they stroll amongst the beautifully decorated storefronts, light poles, trees, planter, and whatever mother nature gifts us during this holiday season. Support local downtown businesses and get the perfect gift. Happy Holidays.

Business of the Week

Something Sweet Lake Geneva

SOMETHING SWEET They have all of the Sweetest Things… candy, chocolates, fudge, popcorn, hand-dipped ice cream, soft serve, flavor burst, smoothies, & so much more

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