The park to be built at the northern edge of Kwik Trip in downtown Lake Geneva, more popularly known as GSR Park, by GSR staff (of course), is finally being built.
This park is small, and will be little more than a square of sodded grass. But the most important part about Kwik Trip making good on its word, given two years ago, is what will not be built, on what up to now has been an ugly vacant lot. Originally, Kwik Trip had planned on putting in a huge natural gas resupply tank on the lot. But local residents, when stirred to action, complained about living so close to what was essentially a potentially powerful bomb. Kwik Trip changed plans in mid-stream, gave in to local Lake Geneva resident concerns, and never built the gas supply depot.

Kwik Trip Park Lake Geneva

The new park Kwik Trip is putting in. Get ready for Kwik Trip to do what it does
best outside of gassing up and washing your car. It keeps its word. Real gas and a real park on the corner, just like they said when they planned everything and presented it to the city council. We love Kwik Trip and you should too.


Warren – Wisniewski Wedding: One of our own and one of our finest. US Marine and Lake Geneva motorcycle police officer, Joseph Wisniewski was married to Brandi Warren this Saturday November 14th at 4pm. The intimate ceremony decorated with lovely arrangements from Tommi’s Garden & Bloom, was held at Horticultural Hall followed by a full dinner and celebration. The Geneva Java and Bruno’s were also a contributor to this celebration. Thanks to our supportive and giving community.
The day was a huge success.
Congratulations to Joseph and Brandi, we wish you the best in your new adventure!

Warren – Wisniewski Wedding

Warren – Wisniewski: One of our own and one of our finest US Marine, motorcycle police officer’s Joseph Wisniewski was married to Brandi Warren this Saturday November 14th at 4pm.


Small Gem Lake Geneva

Is it the radio just waiting to fall from on high? Is it the paint on the awnings, the owners didn’t yet know about? Or is it merely the Norman Rockwell nature of the scene?


Taco Bell Re-opened

Taco Bell is new and improved! As of today, Taco Bell is re-opened for business. Located on the corner of 50 and Edwards Blvd. in the parking lot Sherwin Williams and Rosati’s Pizza.

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