Snow shoveling: it’s time; again.
Every year in Lake Geneva we come back to the same issues at this time of the year. Unless your business is leased from Mike Kocourek, the wonder business owner of the town (so far 28 business locations in town) then your business is subject to the Gestapo snow shoveling rules of the city. The morning after the night of the big snows you better be out there with a shovel and broom, no matter what your age or condition. Business owners must have city walks shoveled in front of their businesses, or suffer fines and expenses the city will charge for paying someone else to do the shoveling. This makes no sense at all. The walks belong to the city. Belong to all of us. It should be the city’s responsibility to shovel, and the city should show tangible financial appreciation for the small businesses in town by paying for that shoveling. It’s not like the city does not have the equipment or the personnel to do the job.
Why doesn’t the city perform this?
There are now a lot of good people running Lake Geneva, Utah Blaine being one of them, Sabrina, another and Ken Robers isn’t far behind. Maybe they can put their heads together with Sarah Hill, because she wants to be mayor, and winning over the small business vote would help.


Dennis Dyon, the Lake Geneva Police Officer of questionable repute:
Thwarted the first time around, this guy is back to re-file his original complaint with the Lake Geneva Police and Fire Commission. It seems that Officer Dyon simply cannot tolerate having his boss, the current police chief, remaining in his job because Mr. Dyon doesn’t like him. Basically, just about everything else in Mr. Dyon’s modified complaint has been either denied or disproven except that one simple item. Mr. Dyon’s disciplinary record is sealed, and so is his personnel record. That Mr. Dyon pulled this same routine at the sheriff’s department, before coming to Lake Geneva, failed to come to anybody’s attention because, yes, his records were protected and sealed. Isn’t that special. So Lake Geneva got the Dyon package, and his odyssey of wrongful complaints goes on and on.
Maybe it will stop if Mr. Dyon gets indicted for filing false reports.
Maybe the rumor mill openly discussing coming charges to be filed against this officer will prove to be true.
Lake Geneva has a great police chief in Mike Rasmussen, and the community should be doing everything in its power to keep him.


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