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School scare!
Another school scare occurred before the Thanksgiving break. A string of events and threats began late in the day Monday, November 19th, when police received a report of a threat against Badger High School which turned out to be false. The next morning on Tuesday, November 20th, a second report came in of a threatened school shooting. School officials, working with the police, decided to keep the school open, but to step up security by having a very heavy police presence at the school. Many students and parents were nervous and frightened by the rumors and increased police presence. Some students decided to play it safe and go home. A third threat was found that same day at approximately 1:30 p.m., written on a bathroom wall stating: “SHOOT 2:30”. Officials decided to send students home and closed Badger High School at 2:15, and then closed the neighboring Lake Geneva Middle School at 2:30. The Lake Geneva Police Department is offering a $500.00 reward to anyone with information that leads to the conviction for these damaging ‘pranksters’ who are not pranksters at all. It is a serious crime to act as those students have been acting (if these are, indeed, students). During the previous weeks, similar messages and threats have been found at Sharon Elementary School and Bigfoot High School. With all this happening, parents are urged to talk with their kids and emphasize the seriousness of any threats and violence and how nothing threatening can be considered a “joke” or a “prank”.  The times have changed and we must all change with them.

School Scare

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