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Repair, Renovate or Repurpose.
The Riviera is in need of repair and the cost of the renovation as reported by Kehoe-Henry and Associates was listed in 2017 at ($4.8 to $5.7 million). With the City Council just allocating $ 3,000 for upper Riviera repairs and $50,000 for Riviera renovation, what aspect of the $5 million is to be done? Place a tarp over the leaking roof, or does the $50,000 just cover the yearly cost to the firm that has been hired with an open-ended contract (without funding) to plan the Riviera’s future? The city could borrow the money to do the Riviera repair/renovation without resident approval, even though it exceeds the dollar amount that does not require an approved referendum because repair of infrastructure is exempt from that requirement. So, what is holding up the renovation of the Riviera?

The problem is that several members on the Plan Commission and on the City Council want to “repurpose” the Riviera, and that is not exempt from the required approved referendum. So, the Riviera sits in need of repair and continues to deteriorate, making the needed repairs even more costly. The Riviera, Yerkes, and Hillmoor should all be preserved for the future, but they all sit in the same quagmire where there is too little money supporting their preservation to assure their longtime survival and too much potential avarice behind repurposing for those on that side to give in.

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