Little Gems

The donated Christmas Tree.
A Christmas mastermind has set up the keystone decoration for this year’s holiday. The donated tree, carefully selected, and then cut down, was gently lifted and installed on the floor of the new Flat Iron Park Brunk Pavilion. What better showplace for the city’s tree? Well, just about any place would have been better…and might be better if people will only walk by the pavilion and then walk straight over to Guardian Angel Kupsik’s office. The tree cannot be fully viewed from outside the pavilion. The pavilion is too small. The top one third of the tree is cut off from view, except for those viewers who might be motivated to park and then walk all the way up to its base. One might have thought that the men and women who erected the tree might have said something to someone. Any one! Not only is the Lake Geneva Christmas Tree puny in size, but it’s puny in thought. Sixty years ago, the Lake Geneva Christmas Tree was fifty-five feet tall and stood in the center of the intersection of Main and Broad Streets. Now that was a tree. Now that was a time. Maybe the new Director of the Chamber of Commerce will get some control over this single (but hugely important) feature. What the “city” thinks of the city is vital in getting the world to think the same way.

Putting up the Town Tree


Is Best Buy staying or leaving Lake Geneva?
Nobody knows. The rumor mill began churning away about two weeks ago. The rumors were many, and very persistent, that Best Buy was going to close up and bail out of its questionable location up near where Target is on the north side of town. Target and Home Depot are the anchor stores near that location, but is the traffic drawn in by those stores enough to allow Best Buy to survive? Nobody but Best Buy management knows for sure. According to the management team currently running that operation, Best Buy isn’t going anywhere. The GSR has heard that same story many times through the years, most notably with Office Depot before it left. That store had “for hire” signs up just outside its front doors the day it closed for good. So, the answer to the Best Buy rumor is a resounding “we don’t know.” As the only remaining electronics store left in Lake Geneva, its loss would be very significant were it to move on.

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Little Miss Sweet Peas

Little Miss Sweet Pea‘s have recordable lit canvases that will record a 30-second message for you to send to your loved one in the military. What a great way to send a personal message! If you are interested give Bob a call at (262)723-4400 or (262)903-9599, or you can message them on Facebook.

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