The Bright Side

The Friends of Hillmoor:
Charlene Klein; Hank Sibbing; Ernie Gygax; Pete Peterson; Grace Hanny; Dennis Teichow; Trish Schaefer; Mary Jo Fesenmaier and Dick Malmin. These wonderfully vibrant, bright and hard-working characters have taken upon themselves the challenge of building a road warrior founded project to save the Hillmoor property. Never mind that the property is private and they are not the owners. A set of lyrics was run by this newspaper as its headline a few months ago. The lyrics were: “This land is your land, this land is my land…”

This small band of citizens took these words seriously, and the Friends of Hillmoor was born. This board of very concerned and very caring citizens is sitting itself down once a week to figure out how best to guide the city in being the best steward it can be for this particularly well situated and positioned chunk of property. The Hillmoor land, once a great golf course, has been returning to nature more every year. This newly formed group is very timely and staffed with the right kind of people.

Cartoon of The Week
by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


Why living and working in Lake Geneva is so important.
The staff of the Geneva Shore Report is out talking to people all the time and the reporters on staff spend a lot of time talking and meeting with city officials. What’s it like when those officials do not also live in Lake Geneva? It’s always the same. The employees that don’t live in, or right close by Lake Geneva, do not know and generally don’t care about what happens in the city when anything in general is discussed. They are usually quite proud to say they don’t know because they live in Walworth or Lyons or almost any place else. Why is that? When you move to somewhere like Wisconsin you run into situations where the communities often require their employees to live in the community they work for or with. Until interviewing many local employees of the small bergs that exist around Geneva Lake it was not so easy to understand why such requirements might exist and why they may be important. How do city leaders build trust and understanding into employees who might have little interest about what happens because their “real” life is being led in a nearby community? Why should a local city employee give a hoot about a local school in the city when their children go to schools in Delavan or even Burlington? This is a difficult question to answer. When is a job much more than just a job?

Person of the Week

UPS Mike

Mike the UPS guy, better known as “UPS Mike” has been with United Parcel Service for almost twenty five years, and he’s become an integral part of the community. UPS Mike has picked up and dropped off packages for nineteen years. UPS Mike is always pleasant, a really neat guy.


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