Little Gems

Indoor gatherings including inside bars and restaurants are back down to 25% of maximum capacity allowed by law.
The order to do this was handed down and signed by Governor Evers last week. Schools, churches, polling locations, political rallies, grocery stores, office spaces, manufacturing businesses, and churches are exempt from the mandate.   With the mandate, businesses that are already hurting are sure to feel it a bit more. With the issues that come along with fighting the virus, who knows how long the local small businesses will be suffering from continuing lost revenue? The City of Lake Geneva would like to amend the ordinances that allow restaurants that have outdoor seating to be utilized further into the fall season, and maybe even part of the winter season. The new rewritten ordinance would give the approval to allow those high and very hot propane heaters for warming their patrons. Outdoor seating also has guidelines that need to be followed and rewritten, as well. Every night the sidewalks must be cleared of tables, chairs, and propane heaters to free up sidewalks and make any clean up including snow removal easier.


Free parking during the winter months in Lake Geneva may be a thing of the past.
Little by little, the free parking period every year is being taken away, and changes to Lake Geneva’s parking are up for discussion at many city meetings. The most recent was the discussion at the Finance, Licensing and Regulation Committee meeting on Monday when year-round paid parking was again on the agenda. The committee members recommended an amended version, not allowing year-round parking collections, but including the month of February to be added to the paid parking period. Monday night, the city council had a first and second reading of the amendment and then voted unanimously in favor of adding the month of February to the paid parking months. Having February included will allow the city to get revenue during the annual Winterfest activities, which is good for the city budget.  Is the reduction good for the businesses and citizens, however? Lake Geneva residents and business owners are not all in favor of this decision. Free parking will now be only a two and a half month period running from November 15th through January 31st.


This is a great time of year to enjoy Lake Geneva’s walking tours, especially with Halloween right around the corner.
The Lake Geneva Ghost Walk tours are offered Friday and Saturday evenings. No rent-a-ghouls have been hired to scare everyone, however, but you will hear about the haunting past of Lake Geneva, including local myths, legends, and folklore. The tour starts in Seminary Park and continues throughout downtown Lake Geneva. Tours are limited to nine people, to help accommodate necessary social distancing. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at

Sordid and Scandalous: A Walking Tour of Lake Geneva is another fun way to hear the historic gossip of downtown Lake Geneva and the Maple Park neighborhood. You will hear about a notorious bank robbery, gangsters, and a sea serpent, all that supposedly took place right here at the lake. Tours are offered Saturday afternoons and tickets cost $10 and can be purchased by calling 262-248-1888. Perhaps the spookiest tour is the Oak Hill Cemetery Walk which will highlight the history of the cemetery and the residents who are buried there. The tours are offered Saturday evenings and tickets are $46 and can be purchased by calling 262-248-1888.



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