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You gotta love the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The Geneva Shore Report found out that the Corps had funded a $900,000 grant for a town in the state of New York to combat Starry Stonewort back in 2016. Here’s the abstract copy of that:

Split up into two grants, one totaling $598,960 is specifically for tackling hydrilla (Starry Stonewort) found near the village of Aurora in Cayuga Lake. The approximately 30-acre patch is being treated and monitored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mike Greer, a regional technical specialist with the Army Corp’s Buffalo district had told the Citizen in August that funds had been found for a second year of treatment.”

When called in Washington D.C. last Friday, however, Eugene, the man heading up the environmental part of the Corps, said that the Geneva Lake infestation had to be taken back to the Wisconsin DNR. Back to square one, but with no explanation for why preferential treatment was being given to those living around Lake Cayuga in New York. This issue is not going to go away, and the GSR is reaching out to the states’ Senators to intervene. Please don’t tell alderperson, and general bad influence around the lake, Doug Skates. When it comes to doing anything, other than making boring meetings more interesting when he does his 1000-pound gorilla thing, the man is a non-starter. The GSR investigative team did discover one salient and obvious fact, however. The U.S. Army Corps is certainly not the U.S. Marine Corps.

Person of the Week

Stephanie Copsey Lake Geneva

Stephanie Copsey Director of Event Sales is a ray of sunshine and has added so much life to the wonderful Riviera Ballroom. Stephanie is a true asset for Lake Geneva and is reconfirming Lake Geneva as a top-notch wedding venue.


Haunted Hayrides are back.
Starting Friday, October 4 through Saturday, November 2, Dan Patch Stables will be offering their haunted hayrides on Friday and Saturday nights. First rides of the night are family-friendly, so all the monsters are still in the woods, but won’t jump out. Tickets are sold that night at the door and reservations are not accepted. After the hayride, concessions and a bonfire will be available for all to enjoy.

Antique Boat Show

Fontana Water Rescue

The water safety and rescue boats are always a cool feature at the annual Antique & Classic Boat Show at the Abbey.

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